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Partnership Publishers Earn 70%+ of all your sales! Buy & Sell Traffic! New very friendly user Panel !

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Brian Mike, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Brian Mike

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    TanCenter.net Market Place BUY AND SELL TARGETED TRAFFIC

    As a part time or regular media buyer, only someone like yourself will know exactly how important it is to have Targeted selective inventory to choose from. Reaching your goal to attract bulk traffic tailored to your specific needs can be challenging. With TanCenter MarketPlace you will get quality reaching out your budget with our Direct Buy opportunity or you have the option to purchase traffic on CPM & PPC basis. Purchase ad space : Daily spot or per impression and pay per click *ONCLICK Popunder PPC*, Banners, Slide in, Texts Ads, Sticky bar top and bottom, TakeOver Branding Background, PC and Mobile, Top Geo Targeted.

    Earn Cash from your website by joining TanCenter Publisher Marketplace. You will Earn 70% + Of of the sales generated from your website. When you become a Publisher with TanCenter Marketplace you will expose your website to Many of our advertisers who are always looking for new traffic source to full filed their needs. Zone Format: *ONCLICK Popunder PPC*, Banners, Slide in, Texts Ads, Sticky bar top and bottom, TakeOver Branding Background, so many option to choose from. We are offering a Minimum payout of $50 bi weekly NET 15


    Custom Ad Placement Get in touch and let us know how we could work out
    A custom ad zone for your needs for your next advertising project .

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    Office Hours Mon - Sat : 9am - 5pm (PST)
    Support Email : [email protected]
    Alternative :[email protected]
    Skype : Tanmediainfo
    ICQ : 670087882
    Website : TanCenter.net
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