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Programmer needed - 5 Star Project

Linda Buquet

Hi guys, I don't know that we have that many programmers here.
Maybe it would not even take a coder, maybe it's easier than I think.
I just placed a request for bid over at DigtalPoint, but thought I'd mention
it here to in case a 5 Star member wants to apply for the project.

Hope someone can help me. I need 3-4 sections of my homepage to independently rotate the advertisers (affiliate programs) I represent. Each ad bank is slightly different, so please look at my home page and be sure you can do it.

5 Star Affiliate Programs - High Commission Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Each company in the body is a separate advertiser/affiliate program but I need rotation to give the advertisers in each separate ad bank section equal exposure.

I need this done in a SIMPLE format so I can easily add, remove or replace advertisers and each ad BANK still rotates independently.

AD BANK 1) Top blue box - Featured programs
Consider each small banner and text next to it an ad block inside adBANK1.
I need PartnerCentric, AMWSO and ShareResults to rotate, so every time someone hits the page a different merchant is on top.

AD BANK 2) Scroll down to 2nd blue box that says:
"FEATURED Affiliate Programs & Internet Marketing Solutions"

As of today there are 3 advertisers (ClcikSpeed, Tumri, SureHits) but I'm adding another new client over the weekend so there will be 4. Need each ad block to rotate as in #1.

AD BANK 3) Each of the plain text ads in between. This could be trickier. (example: Brokersweb and all text and divider is one ad - Zzounds is another, then there are more under Adbank#2)

So all the plain text ads above and below ADBANK2 I need to rotate, complete with the divider in between each one. Since Adbank2 splits up all the plain text ads, not sure if they can all be put into one rotation which would be IDEAL so everyone gets equal time up higher on the page.

ADBANK 4) OPTIONAL - If all the text ads above and below AdBank2 can't rotate then LESS THAN IDEAL - adbank 3 could be ads ABOE adbank2 and ad bank 4 could rotate the ads below adbank2. But then I would need to keep swapping bank 3 and 4 to give all ads more equal exposure.

You would need to be able to code this and get my home page up on your test server so I can see it working and ensure however it's coded, it would be easy for me to add and change advertisers.

Preferred payment - Paypal.

Please PM me a quote and show me links to satisfied customers you've worked with here on DP or other forums so I can be sure you are reliable and do good work.

If you are good, reliable, reasonable and easy to work with - I will have other projects for you and am happy to recommend you to all my clients and affiliates.

Linda Buquet

That's a good idea Bobbie. There are some specific things I need though that
would make that hard. I did find a programmer to do it. He's out of town now but will start on Monday.

Thanks Bobbie!