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Press Releases and Duplicate Content


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Hi all,

I am trying to increase my marketing efforts in promition and was going to deliver a press release. I had a question.

I wanted to know if you can have one press release article and submit it to 10 different PR sites. Is that okay or is it viewed upon negatively as duplicate content by search engines?

Any insight would help, just trying to learn how to do things the right way...


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I would send it out to as many places as you can.

Press releases are limited with seo as most sites do not allow anchored links. This actualy put's them in "contains URL" catagory.

I use them for High traffic links and to diversify IP addresses linking to sites.

One well written press release can bring loads of visitors and sales. But the quality of the links are not as good as articles overall. This is the average results, not an absolute rule.

Remember, an Internet Marketers greatest challenge is to stay in a groove without creating a rut.

Don't get stuck in a rut.


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....thanks for the information jcorkern, your thread provided some very strong points for this rookie. I was planning on future sites and wanted to clarify this before I started.

I used to work for a content company and even then I never got a clear definition. I am trying to avoid that rut you speak


So long as you use the same URL in submitting your press release, You wouldn't have a problem with duplicate content issue ;)


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That is Correct MrCat.

The more places you get it published, the better you will rank.

Hope this helps.