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PPW - Peerfly = 0$ What i`m doing wrong ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by OneDollar, May 23, 2015.

  1. OneDollar

    OneDollar Affiliate affiliate

    First time i want to say hello to everybody and sry for my bad english , is not my first language , not my second .. i only learned from forums.
    I readed a lot of threats about ppw campaign but i thing i`m doing something wrong .
    I`m using leadimpact (ppw) i deposit there 1k$
    I made 20 campaigns with 20$ daily budget and i send traffic to peerfly direct link offers.
    I have a lot of unq but i don`t get any conversion through i put some low offers just to see if they convert.
    I promote offers like : papa johns coupon cards, gas card , insurance and dating sites where they only need to confirm their email.
    My question is : what i`m doing wrong ? I need to make a lading page and from there to send people to my offers ? I need to work with other ppw ? Do i need to change my cpa ?
    i`m not such a noob in IM i have earned more than 150k $ in 4 years but i never used ppw method.
    Can i find someone here to teach me , i`m willing to pay just not to lose those $
  2. terraleads
  3. jose perez

    jose perez Affiliate affiliate

    What does your tracking data say
  4. javierin

    javierin Affiliate affiliate

    I understand that you can fell angry right now, are you using keywords? you must understand that there is no exist the money machine that you press a bouttom and the money rains, you must work hard, look at your LP in which you are doing PPV, if that landing appears in your face, will you put your email?

    So you have learned the best lesson, THERE IS NOT EASY MONEY.

    You must find an angle and build a LP on it, then prove it, then optimize it.

    So if you think that you are a man, you must stop crying, rise and keep trying hard till sucess...

    There is a lot of sucess cases, learn from them, people are showing what works.

    Sorry if you feel worried about my language.
    Last edited: May 23, 2015
  5. OneDollar

    OneDollar Affiliate affiliate


    Hi sir, thank you for your response.
    I`m not angry i`m just asking what i`m doing wrong because i know i`m gonna receive some good answers and motivation answer from you guys.
    In my 4 years of experience i had a lot of bad times when i never give it back because i understand how it`s work.
    I read it almost all the cases from here

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