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PPV: A Good Source Of Traffic For CPA?

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Samrath Gupta, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    So, are you planning to use PPV for promoting your CPA offers Or already have active campaigns in PPV networks but poor conversion rates ?

    If your Answer is "YES" then this is the post you should read !

    Lately, I've found that lots of CPA publishers are running behind PPV networks and wanting to promote the offers via PPV method. PPV is definately a good source for getting traffic at CHEAP PRICE but sometimes it doesn't really works for some people . Shocked ? YES, it is true that If you are running a campaign on a PPV traffic then you cant be assured that your campaign will definately work! But dont worry, No lock is made without keys ;) I will help you with your concern too. But before moving forward let us first know the basics of PPV like what it is,etc

    What Is PPV?

    PPV traffic method stands for Pay-Per-View. When people hear that, they automatically think it’s the same thing as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising. It’s not! Pay Per View means you pay every time your landing page is viewed. Although that sounds like PPC it’s different because to view your landing page no one is clicking. Your landing page is appearing in a popup and no one is clicking on them to watch your offer.

    Is PPV Costly then PPC?

    Well, No PPV is cheaper then PPC and in my opinion it is best to get traffic in bulk. It costs some $0.20-$0.50 even lesser depending on the network you choose. PPC ads cost's way more then a PPV.

    So, If you are already in PPV and your campaigns are not performing good then Don't keep on wasting your money on your current campaign because no one actually wants to see this. PPV and PPC both are all about TESTING,TESTING AND TESTING !

    You need to test your landing page ctr and conversion rate. You need to test a lot. Test your offer, landing page ( if not direct linking). this will give you very good idea of you conversion rate and ctr. Now you are ready to buy some ad space with good confident.

    If any one landing page is not performing well then kindly change your landing page or your CPA offer before thinking that PPV traffic is JUNK ! PPV really requires test's and if you found one good converting offer then DEFINATELY IT WILL ROCK YA ;)

    Top 5 PPV network's Which I Recommend

    1. mediatraffic.com/
    2. directcpv.com/
    3. adonnetwork.com/
    4. trafficvance.com/
    5. leadimpact.com

    This is the order in which I would suggest joining them:

    • DirectCPV (great for beginners, low minimum deposit, low traffic)
    • LeadImpact and/or Media Traffic (good quality, higher traffic, $200 deposit)
    • Trafficvance (most traffic, $1,000 deposit)
    I hope you liked this post and found it worth your time of reading :)

  2. Golden Goose
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Nice post man some good tips, i havnt messed with PPV for awhile tbh - i kinda prefer PPC but will definitely try again next year :)

    Keep up the great posts!
  4. scar tissue

    scar tissue Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Sam,

    I am sorry for bringing this old thread back to live :)

    I am new to this CPA world so if you don't mind to share here :

    - what kind of product that usually work well with PPV / PPC ?

    - is it email/zip submits or per sale items, like Clickbank ?

    - between PPV and PPC which one is newbie-friendly ?
  5. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Well, on PPC all things work well, BUT you have to be aware that you probably won't get many sales in 2nd tier PPC networks, because the traffic isn't as great.

    In MY opinion PPV is harder (I haven't tried buy I've seen many people that fail at it) because you can direct link but your conversions will be super low because the ad is a pop up (no click needed) and it's only displayed at 800x600 so a landing page is demandatory if you want to have a positive ROI.

    Start this way: 1- Find a good coupon for 7search 2- sign up in 7 search 3- Put money on your account (less then 100$ is probably not recomended) 4- Go to a CPA site and find a Email submit that YOU think it will convert and the LESS competition the BETTER (iphones, ipads, and all that is very competitive so don't go for it. 5- iFrame that offer or just direct link it (iFraming will PROBABLY get you more conversions). 6- Set up the tracking (just google it or go to lukepeerfly.com and see some posts of that) 7- Choose a lot of keywords related to the offer 8- Go to 7search, set up your campaign and try to be the 3rd place in ALL keywords. 9- Set up like 5$ or 10$ for daily budget 10- Some keywords will convert, some don't. Remove the keywords that are not converting every day. Once you are left with the main 5-10 keywords that you convert well put all of your daily budget to them.

    If you aren't getting clicks just bid higher/change ad copy (be original). If you are not getting conversions AFTER optimizing just use another offer.

    Hope it helped ;)
  6. imshinji

    imshinji Affiliate affiliate

    if you have 100$, what your budget for testing? 20$? and 80$ for scaling?
    who many keyword you put for testing ?
  7. ninoisme

    ninoisme Affiliate affiliate

    Vote for Trafficvance and Leadimpact. Fond good quality traffic at these networks
  8. assban

    assban Affiliate affiliate

    I spent about $200 on mediatraffic and got Zero in return.
  9. Tony CPAAlpha

    Tony CPAAlpha Affiliate affiliate

    TV and LI are the two that I ran in the past and they did well. DCPV is good for European traffic. Also don't be afraid to test RON traffic on DCPV as well, you can get some good traffic for .004. TEST TEST TEST Good luck..!
  10. ninoisme

    ninoisme Affiliate affiliate

    you have to split test on your campaign before you burn your money.
    Try a campaign with $25 daily budget first. see the result if you got good ROI scale it up.
  11. conec38

    conec38 Affiliate affiliate

    In my humble opinion, I think the traffic is more profitable PPC campaigns paar cpa, at first it may be a little slow to pick the keywords but then becomes more fluid and convenient tools is easier to campaign
  12. amazingcooper

    amazingcooper Affiliate affiliate

    nice information buddy..I was also not clear about the basic concepts of PPV and PVC
  13. zaenal1026

    zaenal1026 Affiliate affiliate

  14. walker254

    walker254 New Member affiliate

    Thank you for sharing.
  15. Effect

    Effect Affiliate affiliate

    Nice article Sam, thank you