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PPL or PPS and why?

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by ljadschris, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. ljadschris

    ljadschris Affiliate affiliate

    Trying to get a quick gauge on Fixers. What's your preference, pps or ppl and why?

    Bonus points and $10 via Paypal for the most unique answer. (To be picked by Jerrold)
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  2. newbidder
  3. themoneyman

    themoneyman Affiliate affiliate

    PPS you generally make more money on BUT its takes much more time to acquire data for media buy campaigns unless you are pushing some major volume. For this reason, I usually suggest PPL for lower volume campaigns; at least for the start of the campaign.
  4. mike_leadwrench

    mike_leadwrench Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I agree with themoneyman.

    I run PPS exclusively because I know that all PPL payouts have to back out to a certain member value. On a PPS campaign I get exactly what the advertiser values that member to be worth...

    $50pps for example.
    If I convert 1 out of 10 leads to a paying member I get the equivalent of $5ppl. What happens if my conversions are better though? 1 out of 7 for instance will get me over $7 per lead. On PPL payouts you don't get visibility into how well your traffic is performing until its too late and you are scrubbed off the offer. You will not get rewarded for quality traffic, you are only punished for poor quality traffic.

    I recommend everyone run their tests on PPL to find their traffic sources, then switch to PPS once they are dialed in.
  5. graphene

    graphene Affiliate affiliate

    I always run PPL first, after quality check, you can switch to PPS. Or if you have budget for it split test.

    Remember that you can qualify your traffic with landing page. Younger demographics tends to be lower quality for advertiser. 30+ males are more willing to convert.

    Also you can add question like this "Are you paying for sex" if yes redirect him to CPS if no, to PPL. Its not magic bullet, but just something to try :)

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