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PPL Affiliate Program for Credit Card Debt

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Jay25, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Jay25

    Jay25 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello All,

    Americans are drowning in credit card debt and need your help. Check out this program at http://www.creditcarddebt-help.com/affiliate.php to see if it's a good fit for your web marketing efforts.

    I could put in a long description here but it's all shown on that page as well as a place to ask questions or make comments.

    Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

    -edited to fix link-
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    a few questions

    Hi Jay,

    Are you representing a debt management company or are you a debt management company? What's the parent company? Or are you generating leads for another company?

    Is PPL = pay per lead? Or something else? Didn't see it on the site.

    I tooked a look at your website and wasn't totally clear.
    Is it a payout on every lead?
    Anything else beside the list below to qualify a lead?
    Leads are scrubbed for validity; ie accurate name, phone numbers, email and eligible state. We
    are unable to process leads from Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina,Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia or Wisconsin.​

    How much of the form on the landing page is required information?

    Sorry I'm putting you through the third degree. I'm asking questions that will hopefully teach newbie affiliates interested in finance sites, what to look for in a debt related affiliate program. There's not a lot of information on your site, so ... thanks in advance.
  4. Jay25

    Jay25 Affiliate affiliate


    Thank you for your questions, the answers for almost all of them are on the page here.

    Your questions:
    -Are you representing a debt management company or are you a debt management company? What's the parent company? Or are you generating leads for another company?

    Ans: We generate and resell the leads.

    -Is PPL = pay per lead? Or something else? Didn't see it on the site.

    Ans: "We have a 4 Level structure that pays $8.00 - $11.00 per valid lead depending on monthly volume. Also pays 15% on second Tier signups."

    -Is it a payout on every lead?
    -Anything else beside the list below to qualify a lead?

    Ans: We pay for every "valid" lead as described below.

    "Leads are :) scrubbed for validity; :)
    ie accurate name, phone numbers, email and eligible state. We are unable to process leads from Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina,Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia or Wisconsin."

    Everyone scrubs leads, it's a must, for many reasons.

    -How much of the form on the landing page is required information?

    Ans: The above described "valid" fields are required.

    I'm glad you asked, I will do some rewording on site for the sake of clarity. Have I covered all of your questions adequately?
  5. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate


    Pretty good re answering my questions.

    I saw the dollar values on the website for your payout on the leads, but wanted to know what constituted a "valid" lead for you. And, I'm still not clear on that to be honest.

    I think it's safe to say that you're a lead broker who generates leads and resells them to other debt management or lead gen companies.

    I understand scrubbing the list, but let me explain for new affiliates, and correct me if I'm wrong with regards to your business.

    You're scrubbing the leads removing leads where the form is only partly completed and where the applicant resides in one of the states you cannot work with ... ie a state that the debt management company you generated leads for cannot work with. And of course, removing false leads where someone goofed on you filling in whacky stuff and submitting it.

    I'm surprised by how many states they haven't gotten their arrangement with the Attorney Generals in to be honest. But, that's their issue and not yours.

    So, my big question is still ... how much of that form has to be completed to be "valid" in your book. That's a good size form and getting people to complete it isn't all that easy. I know from experience, that many people will only give you some of the info.

    In that senario, you end up will a saleable lead of lesser value, but still a lead. While the affiliate would end up with nothing. So, see why I'm asking of course.

    Lead generation is a difficult business and full of risks. So, I realize you need to protect yourself as the broker from affiliates who might generate bad leads. I do think affiliates might want to know about where the leads are going.

    So, your paying $8-11 per valid lead. Leads can be sold for $12-50 per lead on the open market depending on the quality of the lead. Affiliates who's eyes just lit up on the $50 amount :eek: ... that's for a lead where the person has completed a Very Long Form and completed the whole thing. Those are very difficult leads to generate and well worth the $50 to a debt management company.

    Leads like this are often resold multiple times, usually 2-3 times to different debt management companies. So, next I'd ask if the affiliate gets a piece of every lead for every time it's sold?

    Jay, I wish you a good strong lead generation business and wanted to say thanks for helping me to teach the newer affiliates a few things about the finance niche and the lead gen business.

    Affiliates, and most specifically newbies, the finance arena is very competative and an expensive niche to compete in. This is one where you must have some cash to make more cash. If you're successful, it can be a good ride, but keep in mind that it's a high risk adventure with a lot of players.

    I think Jay is offering a fair market value for leads generated for a lead broker, but you'll have to work with him directly for more info on the stability of the business.

    Hope this was helpful to everyone!
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Good digging Bobbie!

    Excellent lesson for affiliates in how you need to go into more due diligence when researching companies before you partner with them.

    To tell you the truth the site design and the Adsense leak on the homepage told me lots about the company. (I know you have a separate landing page for affiliates, but still some will go to home page for more info and affiliates can lose out to Adsense there.)
  7. Jay25

    Jay25 Affiliate affiliate


    I work with a select few companies that do consolidation and or settlement programs for folks with unsecured debt. These are companies that allow me to sleep at night because they will honor their agreements with clients. I know when I turn over a good lead to them they will deliver on the promisses of my affiliates and CreditCardDebt-Help.com. Sorry, but client list is off limits.

    For a lead to have value for my clients it must be a "valid" lead. This requires the fields; Name, Day Phone, Eve Phone, Debt Amount (because $5K min is required), Best Call Time and State to be filled out. That is not much in this business, most others want a full home address to boot.

    If the lead submitter is unwilling to provide those minimum details they are not serious enough to call it a good lead. I've been on both sides of this business and know what a good lead is. I doubt any affiliate expects to earn a commission on a lead where basic contact information is incorrect.

    Beyond contact information, anyone with less than $5,000 in unsecured debt would most likely not benefit from a consolidation or debt settlement program adminstered through a 3rd party entity. That is why this is a required field.

    As for State of residence, it has nothing to do with any "arrangement with the Attorney Generals" but with State laws that prohibit residents of those states from seeking a remedy to their debt problems, ie it is illegal to consolidate or settle unsecured debts (depending on state) imagine that! As it shows on the page, there will be fewer states on the list over time. This is due to legislation pending to change laws in favor of consumers rather than bankers.

    The form itself has few "required fields" is smaller than most in this industry and 95% of those that hit the submit button fully fill out the form. Those that don't fully fill it out only leave the comment box empty, no big deal really.

    We only sell exclusive leads to our clients and nowhere near the price you list. If we could get more for the leads at resale we would certainly pay more. As it is, affiliates are getting a good percentage of the leads resale value.

    Affiliates only need cash to promote this program or any other if they are playing with PPC. There are many ways to promote products and services online, this program is no different.


    99% of traffic to the landing page never diggs any deeper, like looking for the home page. Those that do find more opportunities to go back to the landing page. Take a look here. Those that prefer to hunt around don't want to fill out the form and never intended to, how is that a loss to anyone?

    I feel like my integrity is being questioned here, you couldn't be more wrong. Without joining the program you or anyone else would have no idea how well and ethically my affiliates are treated. It's easy to stand outside one's house and judge them, and yet, not know them.
  8. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate


    You've been more than willing to answer our questions and stand up under scrutiny. That says lots for your character and integrity.

    Please realize that there are lots of programs that arent ethical, especially in the debt space. Since you are posting a free ad in our forum and we see it as our job to some degree to be sure that programs that are promoted here are good and fair, I think it's in our right to ask. Its also our job as we see it to help educate newbies about what to look for and look out for.

    If you look at most of the other merchant announcements, they don't have any comments. We only comment when we something that isn't clear or we think merits additional research.

    Adsense on the merchant (advertiser) site is considered an affiliate leak. Plain and simple because it is. Just stating the fact.

    Thanks for answering all the questions.
  9. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    No Jay, please don't think you're under any type of attack. That's simply not the case.

    Fact is I used to operate a lead generation business for debt leads as well. That's back in the day when a new competitor called PrimeQ showed up. So, I am very familiar with the business and the prices I quoted you are very accurate. Sorry to hear you're not getting paid enough, but that's something you can work out I'm sure.

    I am very delighted to hear that the debt management companies are stable. I know exactly what you mean about sleeping well at night because the fate of all those people is in your hands. You certainly don't want to make their lives worse!

    I have to agree with Linda, your website has affiliate leaks. Some affiliates are okay with that while others are not. Here we try to teach affiliates how to chose their business partnerships wisely. So, we had to point this out.

    It's a little bit of an assumption to say that the people who click the AdSense ads were not going to fill out form. By putting in AdSense, you've given them a choice ... and it's a choice in which the affiliate who has paid their good money to drive traffic to this landing page will neither benefit from, nor recover their investment.

    There's nothing wrong with AdSense ads on the site until you add an affiliate program to it. That's when you developed some conflicts of interest.

    The form fields are important too because you are the one deciding what makes a lead qualified. I agree with you in that the form isn't that long, but it is longer than many ... and that's what makes it more valuable.

    Most debt forms are a minimum of $10k debt, so one that will work with $5k is good for someone looking for that option. Although I have also worked the management side of things, I never recommended people go into debt management programs for only $5k of debt. But, from a lead gen perspective, you'll harvest more leads at that price point ... that's a good thing for potential affiliates.

    Anyhow, please understand that your ethics are not being questioned, but you do have some conflicts with regards to what's considered a solid affiliate program. Get rid of the AdSense and you'll be more successful with the affiliate side of your business.

    What ever you decide Jay, it's sincere when I say I wish you the very best.
  10. Jay25

    Jay25 Affiliate affiliate

    Linda & Bobbie,

    I appreciate your thoughts and I know they come from experience. The average person online doesn't have 1/100th of your knowledge. I know this because of my stats and log files. They don't think to back off text in the search bar down to .com to locate the home page.

    Considering my tracking anlysis, I think it's only the curious, not the serious that go hunting about. But, that is just my experience.

    And while there's only one obscure link to home page at the bottom of the landing page I've taken down the ads. This hasn't been an issue till now and won't be again since they are gone. I care more about my affilitates than anything else.

    While on the subject of home page access, even banners for affiliates contain no URL reference to the site, thus ensuring the affiliate gets credit for the lead. Most affiliate programs can't say that as they show their web address right on the banner.

    While working in consolidation/settlement, I witnessed $5K debt drop to between $1,800 and $3,600 including all fees, and very happy debtors that can see a light at the end of the tunnel for the 1st time in a long time. Just depends on the company I suppose.

    Anyway, thanks, is there anything else?