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PPC vs Affiliate ROI - Free Teleconference This Wed.

Linda Buquet

<strong>The ROI on PPC vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which gives the best return on your investment - Pay per Click advertising, or building strong affiliate partnerships?</strong> That will be the topic of a special no-charge teleconference call THIS Wednesday, July 26th at 4:00PM, EST offered by Marketing Experiments.
Here's the scoop.
<blockquote><strong>The ROI on PPC vs. Affiliate Marketing:</strong> "With declining ROI across many Pay Per Click campaigns, more andmore companies are looking at affiliate programs to fill the gap in revenues. Call in at 4:00PM EST this Wednesday, July 26th, and find out how to build strong affiliate partnerships. There is no fee to attend the call.

Building and maintaining strong PPC campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult in what has become a very competitive marketplace. At the same time, many companies report poor performance with their affiliate programs.

The question we asked ourselves is this: If companies invest sufficient time and effort to develop strong affiliate programs, can affiliates deliver a better ROI than PPC advertising?

Working with two of our research partners we compared the ROI on both their PPC and their affiliate programs over time. <strong>Our research results highlight some important trends, and confirm that a well-managed affiliate program can deliver significant revenues."</strong></blockquote>
It sounds like this is a must attend teleconference for both advertisers and affiliate managers. I plan to be there to learn what <a target="_new" href="">Marketing Experiments</a> has to share. I've always been very impressed with their work. If you would like to participate, please visit:
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Mixed review

I listened in on it but found it a bit too skewed towards education re affiliate marketing and what super affiliates want. All good stuff but they didn't really answer the question they started with.