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Popular Joomla extension and sub extensions

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by incognito, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. incognito

    incognito Affiliate affiliate

    Joomla Extensions and Sub Extensions
    Whatever additional requirement you need to enhance your Joomla CMS application, there is always an extension or sub extension you can download and install as a plugin to expand your Joomla based site.
    Here are some of the extensions you may find useful.
    • Admin Tools – include add-ons for backup, reporting, file management, statistics, etc. Banner Ads & Affiliates – include advertising banners and classified ads.
    • Calendars – just like any calendar, this helps you keep up with the dates and months of the year but it can also be used for projects that required booking such as hotels, time share etc.
    • Communication – provides for chat, comments, forums, polls, guestbook, newsletter, mailing list etc on your website.
    • Content & News – this category of extension helps you include blog, clock, weather, quiz, news, RSS, e-cards, ratings and reviews, tips and notes etc in the website.
    • Core Enhancements – group access, categories/sections, cache, credits, security etc.
    • Documentation/Document Management – this extension provides for FAQs, glossary and dictionary, bibliography, Wiki and downloads.
    • e-Commerce – the extensions under these category are those pertaining to shopping cart, auction, payment systems, donation, electronic data interchange and Amazon.
    • Extension Specific Plugin – These plugins can be used only when certain extensions are already installed as the plugins are for specific extensions. E.g. if you want to install BannersManager Plugins, then you need to install Banners Manager extension first. Other such plugins include AdsManager Plugins, Community Builder plugins, dcsFlashGames plugins, VirtueMart Plugins, DOCMan Plugins etc.
    • Forms – this extension helps you create various kinds of forms (e.g. forms for surveys, guestbook, polls etc).
    • Gallery & Multimedia – the extension category includes sub-categories like gallery, podcasting and streaming Media. These primarily help in adding pictures/images, audio and videos, providing radio and video streams etc.
    • Intranet & Groupware – CRM, Contacts, LDAP, Project and task Management are the areas addressed by this extension category. It contains address book, blogs, calendar, organizers, etc.
    • Languages – Languages extension is designed to help you with translation and also provides the option of multi-lingual content.
    • Miscellaneous – help desk, religion, quotes, recipes, portfolio, sports/games, etc are the sub-categories included in this extension category.
    • Search & Indexing – it comprises of Search, Site Map, Google and Directory.
    • Vertical Markets – Vertical markets extension contains categories such as education, real estate, auto and vehicles, boat and yachting etc.
    • WYSIWYG Editors – it helps manage editor profiles for the users, manage content, images, links, etc.
  2. terraleads
  3. RiverWire

    RiverWire Affiliate affiliate

    nice post mate, im into joomla quite a bit, have you got any joomla sites we can see ?
  4. Tracker

    Tracker Affiliate affiliate

    Joomla in my view is the best CMS available under GPL, mambo is terrible!
  5. tb987

    tb987 Affiliate affiliate

    I am really disappointed with Joomla 1.5 in terms of unique URLs it really needs the SEF advance plugin

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