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PoliceAuctions.com Announces Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by vortal, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. vortal

    vortal Guest

    PoliceAuctions.com of Fountain Valley, California today announced a robust Affiliate Program that offers generous benefits for online partners.

    Prospective Affiliates have the ability to sign up for the program on the home page of PoliceAuctions.com. The program boasts a high commission rate of up to 200% of the sale, which is significantly higher than other websites that only offer 5-20% commission.

    Director of Marketing, RL Policar states, ?Our Affiliate program allows any quality website to sign up and upon approval, begin placing text links on their sites to direct users to PoliceAuctions.com. Whenever one of these visitors becomes a paying subscriber for the services offered by PoliceAuctions.com, the affiliate who referred the user receives a commission of the subscription fee.?

    All a person needs to do to become an Affiliate is to apply for a free account and link to the PoliceAuctions.com site through a website or even an ad. The sales will be tracked and managed by an online reporting system and the affiliate will be paid monthly. Affiliates will also have access to commission reports 24/7.

    About PoliceAuctions.com
    PoliceAuctions.com is one of the largest government data publishers with over 2.7 million subscribing members. PoliceAuctions.com provides the ability for its members to search a comprehensive list of government auctions in all 50 states as well as find information about unclaimed money, government grants, foreclosure properties, seized boats and cars and many more.

    For more information about the PoliceAuctions.com Affiliate Program, visit http://www.policeauctions.com/affiliates/join.php or contact RL Policar @ 714 963 4900 or email [email protected]
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