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Pingo's Phone Card Affiliate Program Increases it's Affiliate Commission to $15!!


Pingo Increases It's Affiliate Commission to $15!

Hello Again 5 Star Membes,

Pingo's Phone Card Affiliate Program Increases it's Affiliate Commission to $15!!

Pingo?s new commission program pays you $15 just for generating a new Pingo customer signup! Become a Pingo affiliate today: This program is only available until August 31st!

Join today and take advantage of our amazing conversion rates. We?ve front-loaded our commission program to give you the benefit of our strong customer loyalty.

Program Details: One-time flat rate commission of $15 for every customer signup. 60 return days. Customer may sign up for as low as $10, with no further obligation or hidden fee?s.

Best Ways to Promote Pingo's Phone Card Affiliate Program

Link Pingo:
Post Pingo?s best converting banners and text link offers on your high traffic website pages. Try our SearchBox Banner and let people check Pingo?s super-competitive calling card rates directly from your site.

PPC Pingo
You can now bid more aggressively in our industry, while still doubling to tripling your investment on .25 to.38 cent PPC keywords. Contact us to help create a targeted keyword list. (Note: You may not bid on our brand ?Pingo?)

Post Pingo;
It?s worth it to post Pingo. Post Pingo?s ad copy on message boards, blogs & classified sites like

Flyer Pingo:
Start distributing some Pingo marketing flyers. Hand out flyers and direct people to your unique URL to track sales ( Contact us about flyer printing sponsorships and promotional free phone cards that you can distribute offline to drive your commissions through the roof.

Email Pingo:
Mention us in your next newsletter or opt in email marketing campaign. Let us help you with creative ad copy.

Join Now on LinkShare! To ensure your long term success with Pingo?s phone card affiliate program.

So what are you waiting for??..Link Pingo, Post Pingo, Flyer Pingo, Email Pingo, and PPC Pingo Today! Your wallet will thank you later!

Thanks you for all your support since launching Pingo's phone card affiliate program 6 months ago.


P.S. $15 commission starts Now. Join Pingo Today or swich your commision offer on LinkShare to offer # 14.1.