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PhoneDog HOT NEW Shopping Comparison Affiliate Program

Linda Buquet

<strong>Launch Your Own Real-time Shopping Comparisons - Keep Them On YOUR Site!</strong> Your visitors are bound to shop & compare, especially for high-tech items like cell phone deals, long distance and VoIP. Let them stay on YOUR SITE to do their comparison shopping and enhance YOUR chance of getting the sale!

<center><strong>Top Commissions on Cellular, Long Distance & BroadBand VoIP</strong>
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<strong>Why did I call it a MEGA program?</strong> You can earn top commissions from most of the major Cellular, Long Distance and VoIP carriers WITHOUT having to join each affiliate program separately. In some cases you can even get a HIGHER commission with PhoneDog than you could through the direct affiliate program. Get auto-links and real-time pricing from all the major brands and keep current specials up to date without having to ever update your site.
<strong>SET IT & FORGET IT!</strong>

<strong>Earn $60 commission on cell phones even if the phone costs the consumer $0! </strong>How much do you make from a phone sale at AMAZON if the phone cost is FREE? With PhoneDog, even if the phone is free, you still get the $60 commish. Plus you get high conversions due to the real-time comparison shopping features that will keep them on YOUR site!

<strong>One of Many Layout Options - Configuring Ad Layouts, as Easy as Adsense!</strong>
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This layout is available for both phone-specific and most-popular phones PriceView? configurations. Instantly add value to a cell phone site or add a smaller unit to your blog.

By using the boxes layout along with a few filters you could configure various PhoneDog PriceView? units to display: Most popular Cingular bluetooth phones - The latest T-Mobile flip phones - Most current PDA phones - Phones from specialty carriers - or only show FREE phones from Verizon.

By mixing and matching the various filters available on the setup screen you can display PriceView? cell phone comparisons for almost any type of page and need. By changing the maximum offers, columns per row and colors allows you to change the final layout to fit within the design of your site or even the sidebar of your blog.

Click the link below and then click the Priceview Technology link and you can see example layouts for Cell reviews/news sites, cell phone forums, comparison shopping sites and more.

For super LARGE partners that already have lots of targeted traffic, they even offer live pricing feeds and White Label branded sites. Some of their existing partners that use PhoneDog White Label sites are <strong>Cnet and LowerMy Bills</strong>.

This program has so many options that I can't even begin to cover them all here in this blog.
For complete commission rates and all the other program benefits, head over to the
<strong><a target="_new" href=""> PhoneDog Affiliate Portal</a>, get all the details and JOIN US!</strong>

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for this 5 Star program.


How to I get into this program

Hi Linda,

After reviewing this program I am VERY interested in joining. However I would be building a site from scratch around their Price view technology and seo ing it and promoting it once complete.

However when I went to their sign up page it stated that they will only take affiliates with existing sites areound which the product data can be integrated.

So how do I get in to participate? I am keen to look at the system, how it works etc so I can determine the best way to build out the site to best increase my chances for success.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Linda Buquet

Sure, it should be fine with Adsense. Adsense TOS (AS FAR AS I KNOW) prohibit other contextual ads (which read the content of the page to display the right ads) - which this is not AND/OR text ad banks that look just like Adsense which this is not.

Whether you use the PriceView adblocks or regular text links or banners, it's like any other affiliate program IN THAT - you decide what content goes on which page. There is nothing contextual about it.

I wrote AS FAR AS I KNOW because I am not with Google and don't pretend to know all the rules. You should never take someones advice on a forum, but use it as a guide and then do your due diligence. BUT I'm 99% sure I'm right! :p