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PC World Magazine Covers Affiliate Marketing & PopShops

Linda Buquet

Today PC World came out with a long article about Affiliate Marketing and a review of PopShops. It's always great to see positive press about Affiliate Marketing in the mainstream media.
<a target="_new" href=",136354-c,adsvisitortracking/article.html">Affiliate Marketing: Make Money From Your Blog</a></strong> - Author Richard Morochove, gives a good overview of affiliate marketing and highlights the benefits of <strong><a target="_new" href="">PopShops</a></strong>. PopShops service makes it easy to market products related to your content."

Here's my previous coverage of PopShops including a video of a 3 year old using it.

<strong><a href="">Watch a 3 Year Old Build Affiliate Site with PopShops</a>

<a href="">Amazing FREE Service - Sucks Affiliate Datafeeds from 457 Merchants</a></strong>

Anyone using PopShops yet? If I were an affiliate, I sure would be!!! :)


New Member
Interesting how he recommended at least 1000 uniques / month before bothering with affiliate marketing. Gonna have to check my analytics.


Interesting post thanks Linda. Funnily enough I just gave Popshops a plug at my blog too. It's certainly a really simple way to start playing with data feeds and it takes literally a few minutes to create a Popshop and add it to an existing site.

The free membership is worth trying for any affiliate, and the paid options are worthy of consideration once you're ready to move onto even more serious things.

Highly recommended.