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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network
PayV submitted a new resource:

PayV affiliate network - Specially selected offers in various niches.


Having started our journey in affiliate marketing more than 10 years ago, PayV team knows very well the needs of every affiliate marketer.
You are going to love it:
  • fast payments
  • exclusive offers
  • experienced and dedicated support team
  • top niches
  • new offers upon request.
PayV affiliate network represents direct advertisers and top brands. We keep on working every day to add new exclusive niches and...

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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network
DELTA-8: the most trending cannabinoid


What is Delta-8?
Like CBD, Delta-8 is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is similar to the THC (Delta-9) that causes a high but has much less potency. Due to its smoother psychoactive effect, Delta-8 has become extremely popular.

How can I promote Delta-8?
Delta-8 is legal in the US, so you can promote Delta-8 offers in all states. However, make sure that the product you promote doesn't contain THC (the illegal one) and that your traffic source doesn't prohibit Delta-8 campaigns.
All Delta-8 offers presented by PayV are legal and contain less than 0.3% THC!

Meet our offers: the chosen Delta-8 affiliate programs:

1. Delta Effex
Payout: 25% CPS
2. Delta 8 pharma grade
Payout: 21% CPS
3. Chill - Delta 8 Vape Bundle - SS
Payout: $56.00
4. Chill - Delta 8 Gummies - SS Lander
Payout: $21.00
5. Chill - Delta 8 Gummies and Oil Bundle - LP
Payout: 21% CPS
6. CBDism CBD and Delta-8
Payout: 21% CPS

More to come!
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network


Looking for mobile offers to run this spring?
Payv Android CPI utilities are all that you need!
- Attractive pre-landers
- A range of offers to choose from
- Worldwide GEOs
- High payout rates
- Direct advertisers

Pick the one you like most or test them all at once with our CPI Smartlink.

Join Payv - your affiliate network:
PayV affiliate network
telegram @payvsupport


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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network


What can you do with a Smartlink? Which offers are there? Does it suite your traffic?
Let's take a look at one of the most popular affiliate tools!

Global or Private Smartlink?
Payv offers a wide range or pre-made Global Smartlinks with the best offers in a particular vertical. All you have to do is pick the right one and start driving your traffic. Our system will define users' device type and GEO and send clicks to the most appropriate offers.
However, if you prefer to control everything, you can create a Private Smartlink, where no one but you decides what to add in it. Your account manager can as well make a Private Smartlink in accordance with your preferences.

CBD Smartlink
If you don't deal with specific CBD products and want to try CBD offers, CBD Smartlink is the best solution for you. The offers here are carefully selected, so that you traffic gets sent to the top converting ones only.

Adult Dating Smartlink and Mainstream Dating Smartlink
These Smartlinks contain dating and webcam offers with adult and mainstream landings. The most popular conversion flow is CPL.

Push Subscription Smartlink
Your traffic will be monetised with push subscription services. Most often, payout rates are not too impressive, but the Smartlink is profitable due to its high CR.

Mobile VAS subscription and CPI Android Smartlinks
The first one is a link with mobile pin-submit and 1-2-click flow offers. The other will allocate your traffic between some of the best paying CPI utility offers. Great solutions for affiliates looking for a way to monetise mobile traffic.

Crypto Smartlink
The most wanted one among crypto/Bitcoin and finance niches affiliates, Crypto Smartlink contains Deposit flow offers.

Sweepstakes Smartlinks
Global Smartlinks let you work with with Click-to-call and Click-to-SMS sweeps. If you need more options, your Account manager will approve other Sweepstakes offers personally for you.

Keyword Support Smartlinks
File download an Video-on-demand offers with a special option for SEO traffic. Track the keywords brining you conversions.
Want to learn more about Payv Smartlinks?
Don't hesitate to contact us:
Telegram: @payvsupport


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network

Mobile traffic? Monetize it with us!
- Click2sms conversion flow
- Multiple conversions
- Payout rate starting from $0.24
- Worldwide - top GEOs list available upon request

1. Keto Diet
Top converting in various countries, perfect for different traffic sources.
2. Ramadan Lucky Draw
Super popular offer for Islamic countries.
3. Flirt and Mach
Adult chat offer, best converting in tier-3 countries.
4. Verify Human Captcha
Captcha offer for all kinds of content download traffic.

Need more mobile offers?
Join PayV affiliate network today!
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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network

YYY Casino
Gambling offer for Arab countries. High CPA for native Arab leads.
Conversion flow: first deposit (baseline $20)
Payout rate: CPA up to $250
KPI: native Arabs only!

4cus Casino - Revshare
Inhouse gambling offer for various GEOs. Incent (scheme traffic) allowed!
Conversion flow: CPS
Revshare: starting from 35%
GEOs: UA, RU, CZ, PL, BR, IN. More GEOs coming soon.

Need more direct gambling and betting offers?
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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network

Working with CPI? Run the best offers!

Super popular TikTok app is now available!
Top Latam GEOs and Nigeria already here, more to be added upon request.

Payout: up to $1.60
Flow: install + open

Get more hot offers on PAYV!


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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network

Meet new betting offer - a great idea for you new campaign during FIFA Euro 2021!
Various localized landings will help you create a profitable campaign for any GEO.

Conversion flow: FTD + Baseline 20 UE (with min. deposit 10 EU)
Restricted methods: all kinds of fraud, incentive, spam, self registration
GEOs: Germany, Austria, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Finland
Payout rates: up to $200

PayV - only the best betting offers!


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Affiliate Manager
PayV affiliate network

Great news for all PayV affiliates!
CBDistillery, one of the most reputable US brands, has approached a UK shop. It's been one of our top offers for months, and now you can promote it in the United Kingdom.

Payout rate: CPS 15%
Lifetime commission!!

Join PayV and run the hottest CBD/hemp offers!