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Hello Linda,
I'm not quite sure if this is the right thread to post this in but I'm thinking there's so much talk about Pay Per Click Campaign, it seems like one can't survive without it so it must be an affiliate tool, is it? Anyway feel free to tell me if I'm wrong and just like Larwee did, just put this in the right thread. Anyway, I'd like to know more about Pay Per Click Campaign. What is the best reference for me to study so that I won't lose too much money when I go on the campaign? Is there a step-by-step process for a newbie like me? I tried googling it and read what they had there but I think the best way is to request help from people who have been there and are still doing it. Also, are minisites also a tool? Then how do I create one? I know I should go to my webhost and tell him about this but first I have to find out what products I will promote since the minisite's purpose is to promote the product. Of course, promotion will not be the only component. There has got to be some buying guide and tips to help people in their quest for better solution to whatever problem they may have.



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I am not Linda, but I will see what I can do with your question.

I wouldn't consider a pay per click campaign to be an affiliate tool.

There are some things you didn't include in your quesiton, so I'm not exactly postive as to what you are asking. When I first read it I thought you were asking as a publisher. When I read it again I saw it was possible you could be asking as a merchant.

You can get a lot of helpful information from forums, such as this one if you ask the right questions and give enough details.

In general terms, if you are a merchant you might want to consider AdWords But ther are other possibilities as well.

If you are a publisher you might want to consider AdSense There are others besides AdSense which also could work.

It will be possible to give you a better answer if you indicate if you are a merchant with a program you want to get others to promote and you are willing to PAY for each click, or if you are a publisher who wants to place ads on your site and get PAID for each click.

It could also be helpful if you indicated what type of a site you have.

What goal do you have in mind?

It might be interesting to know why you have determined that mini sites are the best way for you to achieve your goal.

Depending upon your answers, our members could provide you with some helpful information.

Linda Buquet

Sorry this thread has gotten moved so much, but it's really a search engine marketing question, not an affiliate network question so moved it here.

Many affiliates use PPC but so do merchants and others so it's not technically an affiliate tool. Its one of many ways to drive traffic. I do some PPC myself but am not sure how to answer your question as it's pretty general.

If you are looking for a good quide, then consider the source. If you are planning to use Google Adwords, Google has developed lots of tools and training and FAQs. I think I read they even have a full course about it. I just taught myself pretty much but then again, I don't have to worry too much about money or even ROI since my model is so different than most peoples.