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Pay Per Call vs Pay Per Click?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by autospec, May 23, 2015.

  1. autospec

    autospec Affiliate affiliate

    I want to start new business. This one is local based. So what is your suggestion which one will popup my business PPCall or PPC?
  2. newbidder
  3. Ron E. Fletcher

    Ron E. Fletcher Affiliate affiliate

    These two are the different way of marketing. This is also depending on what kind of business you are. PPCall is good for local business. On the other hand, PPC also good but you need to target right location and right people.
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  4. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Pay per call is a form of marketing that is further down the chain, it comes after the click, impression, or ad. So the value of a call should be higher.

    So, it really depends on your business. If you can sell your product or service over the phone, then pay per call could be great for you.

    But, if you need clicks to your website, then go for PPC.

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