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Pay Per Call is More than Just Search!

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by ringpartner, May 14, 2015.

  1. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Pay per call is definitely a search driven business and lots of publishers are succeeding with search traffic, but there are many other categories that work well on different traffic sources.

    Here are some recommendations for campaigns on some of the other traffic sources:

    Mobile Display:
    What works: Travel, Edu, Livelinks.
    Tip: Generic campaigns that appeal to a wide audience work best.
    Example campaigns: Free 5 Night Stay, Book Hotels, Student Loan Debt Relief.

    Desktop Display:
    What works: Financial, Debt, Edu.
    Tip: Think of a reason why the user needs to call/pick up the phone (phone only deals, call now).
    Example campaigns: Legal, Credit Repair, Student Loan Debt Relief.

    What works: Edu, Travel, Debt.
    Tip: This is interruption marketing, give the user a reason to call/pick up the phone!
    Example campaigns: Sylvan, Student Loan Debt Relief, Book Hotels.

    What works: Diet, Auto, Travel, Debt, Home services.
    Tip: Images matter! Create urgency to call and pick up the phone.
    Example campaigns: Jenny Craig, Junk Cars, Free 5 Night Stay, Student Loan Debt Relief, Lawncare.

    What works: Debt, Payday, Edu
    Tip: Lots of users check email on their phones! Use tel: links to click to call.
    Example campaigns: Student Loan Debt, Payday Loans, EDU Seeker

    What works: Tax, Diet, Home services
    Tip: Use a call promotion phone number, in case an offer goes down and you lose your number.
    Example campaigns: Tax Debt, The Fresh Diet, Hughes Net, Lawncare, Pest Control.

    What works: Dentist, Debt, Home services, Diet.
    Tips: Outsource creative development to someone with experience. (Fiverr?)
    Example campaigns:Find a Dentist, Student Loan Debt Relief, Hughes Net, Fresh Diet, Walk In Tubs

    What works: Dentist, Debt, Home services, Diet.
    Tip: Use a vanity number and repeat it, over and over!
    What works: Find a Dentist, Student Loan Debt Relief, Hughes Net, Fresh Diet, Walk In Tubs

    Thanks to Amber Leno, Distribution Manager at RingPartner, for compiling this list!

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  2. newbidder
  3. Ron E. Fletcher

    Ron E. Fletcher Affiliate affiliate

    I do agree with you. Cause If we use SEO in order to collecting our customers then It will take a long period of time. This is also expensive. So it will be better to choose PPC/ PPV ads or PPCall.
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  4. autospec

    autospec Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, PPCall is another paid traffic method and good for local business. While search ranking takes a long time you can get targeted customers by using PPCall.
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  5. Jarrett Holmes

    Jarrett Holmes Affiliate affiliate

    I just applied with you guys. I have been generating live dental calls for almost 4 years now and I'm looking for a new PPL partner.
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