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peeps head from around corner

Hi all, I am coming out to mingle.

A little about RefreshingMedia (the person behind the persona):

I am/have been an affiliate, developer, designer, webstandards evangelist, self-proclaimed seo guru, code monkey, applications integrator, consultant, metrics manager, senior project manager and general go-to guy for multiple big and small web properties in almost all sectors of business for the past 10 years. You may never have heard my real name. I prefer the solice of my cave/cubicle or to be the leader of the meeting equally well. I am a creative and a logical being.

My biggest asset is my wife. She is a marketing genius/writer and also behind some of the articles you may have read in the Affiliate Program space.

Together we have helped businesses succeed and companies rebrand themselves using standard practices and smart growth. And we have jumped ship on a few ventures that were bad.

So here is our problem, We are tired of making money for other people and have just flipped over to the light side of the affiliate biz. (if there is a light side vs. dark side)

My purpose on this forum is to absorb some of the information flying around out there about retail affiliate programs, assimulate it and help either my clients or hopefully, time permitting, ourselves. So if you have any technical questions, I'll try to offer up an opinon but please just take it at that. ;)

It is a pleasure to get feedback from those in the know. We really are seeking out new fresh ideas that break away from the "tried and true".
We are not old dogs but do know their tricks.

innovate and inspire,

Linda Buquet

Hi J,

Glad you had time to peak in and post!

J & his wife are friends of mine and are working on a gorgeous new site re-design for me. Almost done. Can't wait for you all to see it!


Nice to meet you.

Looks like you've already met one of my goals. My husband is looking forward to when I'm earning enough to bring him home to work with me.

Linda Buquet