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Original or New Affiliate Marketing Concepts


Does anyone have original ideas/concepts to utilize when affiliate marketing?
Obviously comparison sites are big, but I was wondering if there were other types too? :cool:
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Linda Buquet

Hi Will,

Sorry I missed this post. It's a great question and I'm moving it up into the general section where it will get more play. Plus changed the title to be more descriptive.

The 1st answer that came to mind is - well if we share it and everyone copies the idea it won't be original any more will it? SNARKY :p

But seriously I think there are some things and this really brings up an important point since Google wants affiliates to offer some added value and not just post a bunch of banners.

One thing to think about is Web2.0 related. Bringing customer voices into the picture in the form or reviews or product feedback can create additional content that the affiliate doesn't have to write. Easily done with blog comments. Forums are another way. Not necessarily new, but I know sites like Flamingo World a top affiliate use forums very successfully.

OK GUYS, your turn. What else can you think of?


First posts are some of the hardest when stepping into a new forum, I guess that's why we should usually introduce are selves.

You very right Linda., even though a supplier, makes good use of this method. It can be more costly to impliment, but consider what Amazon has done. While they ship products, they are still an affiliate of the manufacturer - delivering goods to market.