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Online Marketing Services - What Are New Features in Twitter?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by karimkayley, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. karimkayley

    karimkayley Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter has become one of the popular networking sites as of today. Business men also prefer Twitter for most of their Online Marketing Services.

    A few new features in Twitter are:

    Twitter client Tweetie 2.1 has arrived in iPhone.

    One of the most-anticipated changes is that the way the application displays retweets, with a small version of the retweeter's button on the original posters.

    Tweetie 2.1's has the ability to create, edit and view lists. You can access this by going to your profile and scroll down.

    Twitter has also rolled out its new Lists feature to a larger portion of its user.

    Setting up this new feature is fairly simple. In the homepage features a Lists banner that allows you to start by clicking on the Create a new list button.

    Twitter allows spreading the information from person to person very quickly.

    Now Twitter’s has new official retweet feature that fixes most of the old feature. Instead of retweets being appended with the RT text, they have a special retweet icon.

    Also this feature has fixed the redundancy issue by grouping them together identical retweets.

    Thanks to AJS Promotional Media.
  2. terraleads
  3. bettyduncan

    bettyduncan Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing! I have not paid attention to Twitter for a long time!

    Is it now more convenient and effective to use in SEO?
  4. symonds1984

    symonds1984 Affiliate affiliate

    I really appreciate your answers regarding this question, you described well the new features of twitter. I also very much affectionate from all new features of twitter.
  5. Julin

    Julin Affiliate affiliate

    How twitter will be useful for seo?
  6. arthur

    arthur Affiliate affiliate

    any body of you have listen about twitter gradder??? which is a small search engine, and focusing on geo targetting,, this is great, enjoy with that.

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