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Hi guys , i hope everything is going well. I am kind of new to the affiliate marketing world and i wanted to know if there are any online courses / studies that you guys recommend. Hopefully one that can give a certain type of certificate or acknowledgement of the completed course.

It would be great if it was only online ... or hosted in Berlin, Germany.

Thanks guys
I have been following Charges Ngo and he is very solid and engaging and I love his honesty when it comes to affiliate marketing. You should definitely give his blog a visit and you will know why I hold him in high regards. Also, there are many threads on this forum that should get you started with affiliate marketing. No need to purchase any course as they all teach the same thing over and over again.
Along with forum references, refer to the tutorials on Youtube to give you a directed path. As you are a beginner, this will help you get started. Another best thing that I will advise you is, affiliate marketing strategies and their promotion closely resemble digital marketing strategies. There are ample free courses for the same.
Google Digital Unlocked Free Training Course, Facebook marketing videos, and many such free tutorials will give you a basic idea to market your products.