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Online ad case studies, pretty cool resource.

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Vitico, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Vitico

    Vitico Affiliate affiliate

    Hello all, i wanted to share with you a website/service that publishes case studies on ads in a form a quiz. Lets say they will show for banners from a POF campaign you try to guess with had the best CTR and see the results and an breif explanation, i find it pretty cool theres lot to learn about optimal performing ads, split testing and what not.
    The last one published is a case study where there was 4 landers tested in a POF dating campaing. Check it out adchop . com. Pretty cool IMHO.
  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yup it's a very cool site, especially for info graphs etc.
  4. Parry

    Parry Affiliate affiliate

    Adchop is good . I know a slightly different way of going about it yourself - a free method.

    You will need a US based IP if you're targeting the US for ads UK based IP for UK and so on. Let's take Facebook for example in the Dating niche. You should have dating as one of your interests. You will start seeing dating ads when you log into your account. Start noting down or taking screen shots of the ads for 4-5 days. The ones that are showing again and again are obviously successful because no advertiser will lose money on ads especially in the dating niche which is full of affiliates. Based on the successful ads make a campaign borrowing ideas or even improving upon those ads. You will need to have your targeted niche as one of your interests but you can see the successful ads in any niche.

    You can do the same with Google and Bing. Type in keywords that you're targeting in the Google/Bing search bar and the ads that repeat themselves on the front page for many days are the killer ads. You can even identify successful media buying campaigns using a similar method. Of course you will need to do all the testing work but then half your job is already done!
  5. Brett_CLP

    Brett_CLP Affiliate affiliate

    Despite how obvious this should have been, it truly is a great note to let everyone know. We all should remember the KISS rule - Keep It Simple Stupid. There is nothing wrong with standing on the shoulders of giants.
  6. Vitico

    Vitico Affiliate affiliate

    Cool tip Perry, all you need is a simple proxy and change the ip's.
  7. Randize

    Randize Affiliate affiliate

    I love it when you suggest to take screenshots, this can be a good homework.

    I would research the demographic of the niche that I wanna go for, for example, dating, use alexa.com, compete.com or quantcast.com to find all the top dating sites and then cross reference the demographic, their age, location and other information. I also use Google insight to search the relevant keyword, and determine the location where the keyword most searched from.

    If you wanna go for facebook ppc, create a fake facebook account, start to follow some obvious group or fan page that other marketers would target. The chances of getting to see profitable campaign is more likely than using your own account. I've done this, the ads may take a while to show up.

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