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Ongoing Commissions and Bonuses from Wish and Vote!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Wish and Vote, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Wish and Vote

    Wish and Vote Affiliate affiliate

    Hi All,
    I’m the marketing manager at Wish and Vote, and I just wanted to drop you all a line about the affiliate program we offer. Hopefully it will be of benefit to you!

    A short description of who we are

    Wish and Vote lets customers submit a “wish”, which is basically a short 150 character or less description of why they want a certain amount of money.
    This wish is grouped together with a very small number of other wishes for the same amount, and voted on by other members who do not have a wish in that group. The winning wisher is sent the money.

    It’s great fun and highly addictive!

    Affiliate Program

    Our affiliate program offers ongoing 25% commissions to affiliates for the first 12 months of each new account that they sign up. This 25% is regardless of whether the wisher wins or not.

    December Bonus

    We are currently running a marketing drive to increase numbers over Christmas, so we are offering affiliate bonuses to help speed things up! These offers are valid for December 2007 ONLY.

    The first 4 affiliates to earn $100 will get a $100 bonus
    The first 2 affiliates to earn $500 will get a $500 bonus
    The first affiliate to earn $1000 will get a $1000 bonus

    Winners will be announced on the affiliate page early January, but your accounts will be credited at the end of December.

    Please note that you can only win one amount, but it will always be the highest amount that you are eligible to receive (eg If you are the first to earn $1,000 you can’t get the first to $100 bonus as well).

    And don’t forget you’ll receive the normal affiliate earnings on top of these bonuses of course!

    Please check out our affiliate page for more info. Referral is as simple as a unique URL.

    Site Link: Wish and Vote - Tell us why you deserve cash now!
    Affiliate Link: Wish and Vote - Affiliate Program
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