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One-way(inbound)links offer

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by calciustech, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. calciustech

    calciustech Affiliate affiliate

    Here is my offer for you and your clients
    It contains in one-way links. These links will come
    from special pages with content optimized for your
    keyword(s), so all your links will themed links, this
    is what google likes.

    The pages which will contains your link will have your
    keywords in title, content title, in text and in the
    text surrounding the link, these are the methods to up
    your page rank. Also most of the links will have anchor
    text, another way to high PR but also keyword optimization.

    Another very important thing will be, placing the link
    on content pages there will be frey few other links on
    that page, so again this will up your page rank.

    The duration of these link will be life time. You
    won't be ask for payment monthly or any other thing.
    Think only that some of these links could achieve pr7
    and the monthly fee for a pr7 link is about $100, but
    in this case you will pay only once and have them for
    a lifetime. The other good part of these links is that
    they will start to multiply by themselves all over the
    internet only on content pages and you will never know
    about this, no extra fees, it's in their nature.

    This is the best way to get a high position of your
    website in google, after noticing these links your
    site will jump in rankings and of course you will
    receive tons of direct traffic, too.

    Thanks for reading this and taking your time, hopping
    to get the work started pretty soon.
    calcius tech group (e-mail: [email protected] )
  2. Voluum
  3. calciustech

    calciustech Affiliate affiliate

    calcius tech group

    Calcius Tech Group ~ A team from Eastern Europe dealing with
    computer programming and online businesses for about 5
    years. Covering many domains from programming to design or
    even SEO. Programming applications using
    Visual Basic, Visual Basic.net, developing php or asp
    websites,with great knowledge of databases like
    access or mysql. Perform powerful SEO
    campaigns in order to boost the ranks of websites.
    Using "latest technologies" and keeping a currently
    update of online marketing. [email protected]