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Ok i think I'm ready


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OK folks I've figured out what I want my niche site to be. Now I'm hoping one of the HTML gurus on here can help me. I'm not sure how to do one thing. I want people to enter my site and enter their name into a draw to win a gift card. I don't know how to do that really. The only way I could think of with my limited HTML skill is put a form on there and they just fill it out and their entry is emailed to me. If anyone can think of a way to make it better please let me know.



Hey Mike ... I'd advise against that type of site, the market's flooded.

Find a niche to write about.
Get a domain for it.
Make simple webpages with no forms.
Sign up for an AdSense account with Google.
Put ads on every page.
Tell people about it.

That's what your best bet is when you don't know how to do this stuff yet.


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oh, that *****. lol. I was excited about it too. Oh well. The reason I liked it was because I thought it would be relatively self sufficient and have a wide audience because all you do is go to the site and enter the draw and thats it. Well other than doing the draw and notifying winners. Really? Not good? I don't what to write about though. What makes ME and expert on ANYTHING?


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eh2zed, you don't need to be an expert.

You are interested in something. You could have some knowledge on a particular subject. You might have a hobby. There are things that you enjoy. Those are the best things to write about because you will have fun writing about them.

You can always do some research to add to your knowledge on the subject. Doing the research will be much easier for you if it is something you have an interest in or some knowledge about. This helps to make it a little enjoyable for you.

Once you start writing, you'll find it really isn't all that difficult. The most difficult thing is just being worried about it and not getting started.


You actually don't need to write anything yourself. You can hire writers to write up articles for you from as little as $5 per article. A couple of sites that you can do this are and