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Often mistakes in an online campaign

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by kappa84, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. kappa84

    kappa84 Senior Member affiliate

    Some companies have succes on the Internet, some don’t. Which are the reasons why this happens? :helpsmilie:
    Let’s see some mistakes that companies make on the Internet:

    1.They don’t establish first the aim of the online campaign: company’s image consolidation, more traffic on their website, sales increases, making people’s desire to buy their products bigger etc.
    Normally, for every above goals should be made a special online campaign for having a real succes. :good:

    2.They don’t have a niche to whom are presenting their services.
    This is a very important mistake. The niche must be defined very clearly to see to whom its are selling their products/services. In an online campaign, for having positive results you must address first to customers that have specific interests, and those interests should be concentrated on what you offer. Assure that you know who are your clients and where you can find them.
    A simple example is this: you sell make-up products. It’s very clear that your audience are women, so you should make a “more feminin” website. But, to enlarge your niche, you could do a special page only for men, where a “woman consultant” advice them what to buy for their girlfriends/whives. You know, men don’t know this stuff but they are willing to let someone help them. :yes:

    3.The website is made by amateurs ( the design is really awfull, the optimisation is bad etc.)
    If the visitor clicks the banner and arriving to your website doesn’t find what he is looking for in very short time, or the website it’s down for several reasons, or he loads in minutes, you’ve just thrown your money used for advertising to garbage. You’ve just lost a customer. He will definitely not coming back and he will buy from somewhere else.
    The website must be “client-friendly” and there are lots and lots of websites that are not.:nono:

    4.They don’t have an appropriate title for the advertising campaign.
    Words that present the benefits of what you offer must be found in the title. Words that make your potential customer say: “Sounds good, maybe I should check their website and see what’s all about…” :confused:

    5.They aren’t consequent enough in promoting their products/services.
    An advertising campaign must have continuity to accomplish it’s task like it should. In publicity, discontinuous communication it’s not good communication. The frequency and consistency are positive habits in publicity. (nice rhyme) :dancing:

    Cooming soon: Advertise with a small or 0 budget ( offline marketing ). :blink:
  2. terraleads
  3. rahulbaba

    rahulbaba Affiliate affiliate

    I am looking to try something for a new directory I created! These tips are very useful mate! This is one of my initial days in this forum But thank you! mate!

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