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Offline Affiliate Marketing Program - Dental Plans Does it Right!

Linda Buquet

NOTE: DentalPlans is one of our 5 Star clients, so normally this would got in the 5 Star new section. However offline affiliate marketing is a unique topic and I have been asked about it numerous times by both affiliates and merchants, so wanted to post it here to elicit more discussion.

I'm often asked if there are any good OFFLINE affiliate programs. Many traditional retail programs just would not work very well offline, but one that works very well is DentalPlans. DentalPlans knows how to think outside the box and give affiliates what they want! After having many requests for a pure play offline program, they launched one.

The DentalPlans offline program provides a great blueprint for other merchants that want to promote offline. <strong>Plus now you'll have a place to send all the friends and family that ask you to show them how to make money online but don't have the 1st clue about Internet marketing.</strong> :p

The "<a target="_new" href="">DentalPlans At Home Affiliate Program</a>" is strictly for people who want to be able to work from home, but who don't want to build sites and market online. It features a separate log-in and back end that streamlines everything and bypasses all the confusing stuff that non-techy people who simply want to do offline marketing don't need. So picture it like a dumbed down and simplified affiliate interface. <strong>Think K.I.S.S for non-affiliates!</strong>

Once affiliates are approved for the program, they will receive an email with login information and a coupon code. Affiliates will have their own account, where they can view sales in real-time and order additional print materials, such as 2-sided rack cards, business cards, tri-fold brochures and more. The coupon code will be unique to the account, and will save customers 10% off’s already discounted plans. Important to note that the coupon code is how all sales to the account are tracked, since there are no links!

Shortly after <a target="_new" href="">At-Home affiliates</a> are approved, they receive a free Starter Kit in the mail. The kit includes a glossy, 6-page brochure which explains what dental plans are, the difference between plans and insurance, member testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions and 5 printed enrollment forms.

<strong>So if you have any friends that are n00bs :cool: or technophobes :eek: that want to have a home-based affiliate business, but don't what to learn to build sites or do PPC, the <a target="_new" href="">DentalPlans At Home Affiliate Program</a> is a good option to tell them about. </strong>

What do you think? Have you ever thought about offline marketing? Some affiliates are putting up racks locally and others market in the newspaper. DentalPlans even has regular insurance agents selling plans offline to their health insurance clients.


Hello, everyone! My name is Dawn and I am the Affiliate Manager for the At-Home Affiliate Program. This program is a great opportunity for affiliates to sell our quality plans to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

I know that there are many people out there who may be great sales-people, but don't have the technical ability. This is the perfect opportunity to receive a commission for offline work.

If you have any questions, feel free to email

I look forward to speaking with you!