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Offering Affiliate Products behind Offer Walls and Product Lockers

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by jakon, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. jakon

    jakon Affiliate affiliate

    What do you think? Have your entire landing page setup with a $7(or so) offer, accepting credit cards and paypal, a totally normal affiliate product page, but have the option to "learn how to EARN this product NOW"(can't say "win this product free", correct?). And stick some CPA surveys with virtual currency that allows the person to check out... I don't know if this requires some kind of GPT script or not, but you could also use Tap Joy I suppose, I'd rather find networks and make my own custom offer wall(don't know how to do that either)...

    What do you think? Bring in traffic and have a webpage like you normally would but just offer the option to "complete offers" to earn the product "free or through advertisers trials"....

    Some of those things affiliate offers pay high on $1 sign-up conversion... Only issue is charge backs then but you can work with the advertiser and customer to make it like "now you have to wait three days, would you like to complete seven CPA offers instead? :p"
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  2. newbidder

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