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Not PPV, but I throw it in anyway. - Campaign Optimisation

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by olleper, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    What is GOOD PPC campaign optimisation?

    Affiliate marketing and marketing in general.
    What is good effective marketing - and what is bad marketing.

    Easy answer; good marketing get conversions - and bad marketing don’t.
    That is the short tech support answer, but what to do to get there?

    I have tested removing keywords, too much clicks, and no conversions.
    The issue I have there is the quite small volumes I dealing with marketing at 7Search only. Am I doing any good - or am I just confusing and stuffing up the campaigns with small volume assessments?

    I have also removed traffic sources, through the PeerFly and 7 Search tracking systems; AFFID and RID “72429-9232-19640980” which can easily be blocked on the 7 Search website.

    Can I obtain these ideas within the prosper 202 tracking?
    The following URL; “multifinder5.biz” generated about 80% of the clicks in a couple of campaigns, and they were no conversions. This URL is now blocked with the help of the 7 Search support team.

    The ID’s of this URL are now lost since I’m tracking prosper 202 rather than PeerFly, so how do I go about identifying and blocking non-converting traffic sources.

    And, isn’t this the correct strategy anyway?

    Third tracking and optimisation;
    I also have the country codes displayed in the PeerFly reports, I therefore noticed a quite high frequency of clicks from some European countries. As I checked the campaign history I found a substantial amount of clicks from both Germany and the Scandinavian countries. However going back from 1 August into different dating campaigns, I found that there was no conversion at all from this country’s.

    Subsequently I removed the non-English speaking countries from the campaigns.

    Would this be an effective and / or recommended type of campaign optimisation?

    And again to my Prosper202 to genius here; :)
    Can I obtain country code listing in Prosper 202?

    Hopefully the above, gave some ideas for my readers here, maybe some food for thought - and also some questions to ponder.

    All the best my friends….

  2. terraleads
  3. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate

    for ur Question you can get a lot of informations about campaign from prosper 202 Like the winner keywords / Landing Pages / the time of Leads ...etc

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