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Norvell Electronics: What You See on the Menu is What You Get

Miracle Montelegre

From its inception in 1955, Norvell has kept this simple, clear-cut philosophy: We only serve up what we can service. Much like saying that a restaurant cooks only what is on the menu. An obvious expectation but one which assures clients that what they end up acquiring from Norvell will be within their expertise and, thus, completely satisfy the needs of the clients. Along this line, Norvell possesses an impressive line-up of, well, excellent cooks to serve up a wide selection of recipes for power solutions with various applications.

In this Norvell and Associates Electronics Review, a detailed assessment of the manufacturers involved in delivering the power needs of businesses or industries and their product lines is an essential consideration. The following includes a few of these manufacturers:

Aavid/Thermalloy has international manufacturing and sales capabilities, being the world's leading supplier of the widest portfolio of thermal management solutions for many types of applications. Its thermal management products are utilized in various Personal Computing (PC) applications. Moreover, Aavid provides products for a vast range of applications, such as in network devices, servers, telecommunications equipment, transportation, instrumentation and other consumer electronics. These special electronic products are essential in the operation of crucial equipment utilized in many industries which Norvell has serviced for decades.

APX is a leader in the transformer and packaged-power industry for over 20 years. It holds a special niche in the marketplace as an international manufacturer, with local engineering support. APX is an expert producer of customized and standard products which includes wall and table top supplies, custom AC/DC supplies, battery chargers, inductors, chokes and transformers. The innovative designs and manufacturing operations applied by APX result in quality products trusted by leading technology leaders. Twenty years of APX expertise assures Norvell and its clients of high product satisfaction in terms of transformer and packaged-power needs.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies manufactures world-class products through cutting-edge technology and delivers unequalled performance and enduring value. Applications for these products include OEMs and system integrators in the communications, computing, storage, business systems, test, instrumentation, medical and industrial equipment industries. Again, another vital source of products which enhances Norvell's already expanding reputation as a respected partner of various manufacturing companies.

Cosel has been in the electronics manufacturing business since 1969, producing quality AC to DC switch mode and DC to DC power supplies. Established on their mission to provide quality, reliability, and excellent customer service, Cosel has kept its tremendous capacity to sustain its success as proven by its documented field failure rate of below 100 PPM. Thus, for over 3 decades, Cosel has provided prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions to many clients. Norvell's partnership with Cosel obviously stands on the solid ground of tested manufacturing expertise.

Delta Group is the world's foremost provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans, as well as a primary supplier of power management solutions, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Since 1971, Delta Group has expanded its sales coverage worldwide and now has plants in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Mexico and Europe. As one of the world's leaders in power electronics affiliated with Norvell, Delta aims to "provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow." Delta's commitment to protect the environmental has resulted in its years-long green, lead-free production and recycling-and-waste-management programs.

Digital Power Corporation, based in Fremont, California, and Gresham Power Electronics, based in Salisbury, England, are joint-partners of Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd., in designing, manufacturing and marketing a range of excellent, high-density power solutions. They specialize in Enclosed and Open Frame AC/DC solutions, both AC and DC CPCI solutions, ATCA Strongbox, and Custom architectures from 50 watts to 1200 watts. Both companies are also well-respected industry leaders for time-to-market solutions of standard and modified-standard products based on their adaptive design concepts and capability to support a variety of value-added services.

Norvell Electronics, Inc. could not have chosen better manufacturers to provide top-quality products than these firms mentioned above. Its success owes from the years of design and manufacturing know-how developed through many years by these equally successful manufacturers.