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No Scam Internet Investment



Any body ever heard of 12 daily ????? Well i am a begginer affiliate and have made a lot of progress since i started doing this 90 days ago, though i haven't made any money online yet.......... Till i stumped onto 12 daily...

Bottom Line:

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Linda Buquet

Hi whoodulum,

I say in the intro forum it's OK to be a little self promotional and drop links, so I will let this post stay. Our members are savvy enough to be wary of a post that is titled "No Scam Internet Investment" written by someone with a user name that sounds like hoodlum. Sorry, but I think you asked for it with this post!


done that moved on....

pay2surf is an unsubstainable business model... sure you are making some money... but it wont last...

Any of us who have been around ofr a while know that... you are in the 3rd or 4 wave of pay2surf... every company who has come doen the pike and offered this service has failed... because at some point that advertiser footing the bill needs to convert those clicks to sales...

since you are into for the pay day... you like everyone else doing it have no interest in the products and services... no one clickin on the ads is buying anything... hence no sales... hence no ads... no future...

the only substainable busness model is one where money follow in all directions...