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Niche Mini-Sites - Step by Step Guide

Linda Buquet

I just discovered a step-by-step guide to Building a Niche Minisite.
As everyone knows, I encourage newbie affiliates to focus on a niche instead of jumping head 1st into hosting, mortgage, Internet marketing ebooks and other highly competitive and overly saturated markets.

NOTE: I only skimmed looks like it's a REALLY good guide and very well written. Plus it's gotten over 1,000 Diggs and some great comments and feedback. I like the idea of a small very focused mini site for starting in this business. Just remember there is no ONE right way to get started, this is just one of many ways to go but teaches some good lessons you could apply even if you are a seasoned aff.

Building a Niche Minisite (Part 1)

"One of the easiest ways to make money online today is by creating “niche minisites.” The internet is huge, and it’s growing bigger everyday. You can always make a site that attempts to compete in large content areas, and you can succeed if you put enough time, effort, and money into it. What if you don’t have a lot of time? What if you don’t have much startup money? What if you’re lazy (even too lazy to start a Myspace turnkey)? Well then maybe you should give niche minisites a shot.

A niche is “a distinct segment of a market.” A minisite is simply a very small website (typically 10 pages or less).

When you combine these two ideas you get a small site that targets a specific people or product rather than a large site that attempts to encompass a large group of people or products. The benefit of this is that everyone who visits your site will be looking exactly for what you provide. This means higher conversion rate and more money for you."

REad part one, part 2 the Q and A and the comments to pull in all the little gems that are in this article.

Building a Niche Minisite (Part 1) | NetBusinessBlog

Any questions or feedback?
What did you think of this article?
Did you learn anything new?
Anthing to add that would make this process better or easier?
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Niche Marketing

As the Affiliate owner of a system dedicated to creating Niche sites, of course I strongly believe that it is the best way to market on the Internet. You can get into non-competitive markets orr discover new markets that are extremely popular and not yet exploited. During the last two months for example we have discovered new emerging markets that would normally have been missed. These are often discovered by new affiliates that join the system and create a site that is relevant to their own interest.

Recently a partner from Turkey joined and created a dating web site with amazing results and one of the createst successes was a partner who now promotes transexuals, transvestites and transgendered, apparantly he did this first with AFF but they didn't differentiate between the three, so we decided to group these individually instead of together, the effect was stunning and the one site now accounts as a significant percentage of traffic and one of our top partners.

There must be thousands of undiscovered Niches in the dating industry, we once calculated the different number of niches in this area alone which came to over 13 million alone.

Linda Buquet

Adie just wrote another MAYBE EVEN BETTER step-by-step article about how to find a niche KW domain and build a site - QUICK & EASY!

<a href="">Find Keyword Rich Domains Fast then Build a Niche Mini Site</a>
TONS of great info here. AMAZINGLY good stuff!

I read about that niche keyword domain finding method before and meant to blog about it.
Thats a time-saving GOLDMINE-GENERATING concept. Marcin has the best tools and info!


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Domain and Keyword addicts, I guess I'm one too

Thank you Linda for introducing us, it?s great to be here and hope that we can really add some worthwhile information, which seems to be the trend at 5star

Just before I go on, I would just like to introduce myself to everyone, as the founder and CEO of World Dating Partners.
My own passions are to do with Niche markets and will be speaking at Ad:Tech in London this September on the subject as well as being an industry expert with Jupiter, so I guess I have to be either good or just a nutcase thinking he is :) Either way, I am happy in my own little world and will be happier if I can help anyone or maybe let out a few secrets, which hopefully, you haven't heard f before.

For my sins I am also Chairman of the International Dating Association and a fanatic over fair play and self regulation of the dating industry, let?s keep the good sites going and mark the bad ones down as an experience not to happen again.

I did read the article on that Adie wrote and amazed at her proficiency, getting keywords and domains is fascinating as well as addictive and go hand in hand with something that I have spent many years building up with a system built especially for those with the intelligence to gather niched information.

Most of our successful Partners are Keyword buffs and undoubtedly the ones who make the most money. We do our best to work hand in hand with what they find and discover in terms of new niches and can very quickly develop any site for them in any niche both quickly and accurately.

One of my passions is discovering niches not yet utilised or yet discovered and quite often stumble upon these whilst domain and keyword hunting. Our own system has an ideal filtering system so that we can create any accurate niche through our 5 million database of members. The members themselves as a dating system enter in many different criteria, ethnic origin, country, interests, health, physical information, and from this you can create an almost infinite variety of niches that our own partners create.

Some of the more unusual niches would be Indian dating in the UK, we have dating in Saudi Arabia for a TV network in Arabic, Ah yes the sites are multi lingual too. We also have sites for people that are Bipolar, or any imaginable variety of niche that you could possibly conceive within the dating industry. If you could imagine taking any ethnic group for example, and then choosing a country on top of this adding some interest say... Golf, then you could end up with a dating site for the Chinese in the USA who like to play Golf. The database then will filter the relevant members into this site, while we customise with relevant currency, design, language and cultural concepts.

I guess where I am coming from is that when you have found any niches through choosing the right keywords or and domains, then we are more than happy to make an offering of any niche site, either branded or white Labelled. When you have the skill to find keywords as niches and we have the sites to match (Excuse the pun) then you have a perfect scenario for low cost advertising at extremely high conversion rates.

Many of World Dating Partners biggest affiliates work with keywords and various campaigns. Please drop me a line if you think we can help, always happy to oblige and always happy to supply branded or White Label sites free to anyone with our own passion.

Anyway Thank you once again Linda for the intro and for pointing out the fascinating articles from Adie and Marcin.

If anyone is intereted we made a little 20 minute video on niche marketing in the world of dating, hope you enjoy presentation

Best wishes

Robert Fathers


About affiliate marketing... I'm wondering that if there is a demand for a not-so-explored niche, wouldn't it be less likely if a affiliate program existed for that niche?

Linda Buquet

Yes that part can be a little tricky. Finding a niche that isnt too competitive,
yet there's enough interest and hopefully more than one product or affiliate program that fits.

Sometimes what you can do too is go after a bigger market that has lots of affiliate programs but target your message and marketing to a smaller subset of that market. For instance not dating in general - too broad. Dating > single Moms> even more targeted, single Catholic Moms. Or instead of fishing - bass fishing or fly fishing. Instead of general article for how to buy a car, get a loan, get insurance - gear the guide to car buying tips for women. Not that any of these are great examples, just trying to illustrate a point.

A niche doesnt need to be so small and specific only a handful of people are interested. It can be a sub niche or a certain demographic.


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Still plenty of unexpored niches worthwhile

With World Dating Partners we often discover niches through partners by accident, this is a regular occurance, but through this experience we have discovered that niches are not so difficult to find with dating its slightly different as there is only one system that deals closely with this, but with other products slightly more difficult, or at least I don't know how many companies can do this with other products.

What I can do which although related to dating would actually apply to anything is to look at the different areas you need to look into to discover these. If ytou want to research this look into a combination of factors..

Ethnic group

To my mind the most important two of these is Ethnic and country

Most of these niches belong outside of the US look more towards countries that primarily speak English in Europe, parts of the Middle east. Excellent examples of these are the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

If you can't find a company that doesn't specilise in niche sites, then try and approach other cmpanies working within you researched area. Most of these will be happy to supply you with data. maybe : )

Once you have dicovered you niche, produce a mini site to explore this or find a company that has an affiliate service within the range.

Exploring many niches in the same area are often an ideal way of dealing with this, so you can cross sell similar products or services very closely related, this way you can cross sell different services as well as products.

discovering a popular topic in terms of information is an ideal way to do this, as a dating system, we would o this by looking for a site related to a popular niche and then help this site by producing a relevant dating sites, then within that site sell products related to dating for exaample which again related to that niche.

There is a theory of fragmegration Sample Chapter for Rosenau, J.N.: Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond Globalization. which expores that the larger the size of any community the more it fragments into smaller communities. Hence ethnic groups who tend to group within other countries to form large niches based on ethnic origin or religious communities.

Sorry, seemed to have gone into over kill with your questions, where I basically don't have a clear answer for you except in my own world of dating.

Anyway I hope you found this useful regardless, if you do want to know of any specific niches let me know, dating is often a way to determine this and we ofteen hold quite complex data on worldwide niches.

In terms of producing them, we have lots of ideas if you find a particular niche let me know and I'll try and dig out some of our own research to help and know varyious ways of approaching htis sideways in terms of selling and marketing.


This is a fantastic thread. Very thoughtful stuff here. I will check out the resources listed above about how to find your niche and let you know what I think.

BTW - One of your links above is no longer active and needs to be updated Linda...


Oregon Coast Guy

Great find, Linda! Very good resource material!

You CAN really attract a solid audience with niche mini-sites.

  • Discover what everyone is looking for (Google Trends is great for up-to-the-minute stuff)
  • Get some good PLR articles on the subject and re-write
  • Add a few RSS feeds throughout the site that deal with your subject to keep the information on the pages fresh (no javascript, since SE's don't see it. Use PHP)
  • Create a store using PopShops with goods that your visitors would like
  • Mix in some Adsense (not on the store pages. Better to get the merchandise commission!)
  • Shake well and there ya go!

My recipe for a great mini-site! Now move along, rinse and repeat! ;)




Great read. If monetizing is the sole pursuit, this guide is really helpful. If you actually wish to imbed yourself in a market, you can use the tips here and just expand upon them to create a more perminent dwelling.


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Update me

This is a fantastic thread. Very thoughtful stuff here. I will check out the resources listed above about how to find your niche and let you know what I think.

BTW - One of your links above is no longer active and needs to be updated Linda...


Hello dear,

Plz provide the exact idea to get update myself and the stuff you discuss here



Great article

As a newbie, this ia a great article and has helped me a great deal
I can see that this forum is going to a great find for me


thank you so much Linda for clearing up what i was thinking about mini-sites and their high ROI. I have tested one and I was surprised by money we could get from it. Great thread!

Linda Buquet

You are very welcome.

Here's another thread you should read. It's a current ongoing step-by-step case study of a guy that's building 25 niche sites and sharing his process and results every step of the way.

<a href="">Building an Affiliate Marketing Powerhouse - Case Study</a>


I can't necessarily agree that you can do this if you are lazy. I have had to write hundreds of articles and put in mad hours for my niche sites, and I'm not even making money. I am following a specific program, and it is working out well, but it definitely takes effort.