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Niche Marketing Tutorials & Steps to Create Affiliate Niche Site

Linda Buquet

Decided it's time to add some new tips and resources to your niche marketing arsenal. So here is some good info I think you'll find useful. Kevin at <a target="_new" href="">Niche Site Domination</a> has a great list of resources and steps for creating a niche affiliate site.
<blockquote>"I took some time today and brainstormed a list of tasks that I do when I create a niche or authority site. Of course each task can be an article or book in itself and will very based on what type of authority or niche site you are developing. I hope this list will be a useful resource of some of the things to do and take into consideration when developing a site. This is by no means a complete list but contains most of the basics. Everyone should make their own list. Here is my checklist:" <a target="_new" href="">More</a>...</blockquote>
<a target="_new" href="">Robert Rogers</a>, one of our 5 Star forum members offers a VERY detailed tutorial with screenshots, about how to use Google keyword tools to drill down and find a niche that's profitable.
<blockquote>"The first thing you need to do is pick a niche. Finding a profitable niche requires some brainstorming on your part. Generating a list of potential niches is the hardest part. It’s pretty simple math from there. All you need are three things - a reasonable intelligence, google adwords, and google adsense accounts. Using the google keyword tools in your adwords account will give you estimated cost per click and estimated number of clicks. "<a target="_new" href="">More</a>...