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NFL Season Starts.....


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So any NFL fans here at 5Star?

The season officially started yesterday, but most of the teams play their first game this weekend.

I'm a huge Vikings fan, having grown up close by. Can't wait to see them beat Atlanta on Sunday in their season opener.

Anyone else have a favorite team?


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I am a sports fan. So, yes I am an NFL fan.

I have previously mentioned my favorite NFL team in posts here at 5 Star. It never comes as a surprise to anyone. It is what they expect. Naturally, my favorite National Football League (NFL) team is the St. Louis Rams. The official site of the St. Louis Rams - Home Page


Sure big football fan here. I live in South Florida so I root for the Dolphins. Don?t know how well we will do this year new coach. It?s like a dream its finally here been waiting so long! Football season that is.
Go Dolphins! :)