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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by keblack, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. keblack

    keblack Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I am rather new to CPA marketing and want to know if I should join the Dojo. Any comments please? I have lots of internet experience with many income models, but not CPA yet, but that's really what I am interested in.

    Are there any templates that build landing pages ? Is the best traffic source buysellads ?

    Is there a quick start guide ?


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  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Hey Ken, welcome to the site - i'll let others tell you about The Dojo it wouldn't be fair for me to say.
  4. adrian

    adrian Guest

    While I could just sell you on it, it more community based and it wouldn't be a good start. If your looking for someone to do it for you, you won't find it. There is no go here do this, but there are ideas you can use to make your own way. I've been a member about a month, so I still have a new outsider view. I'm still feeling it out

    Tools- there are a few landing pages but i don't use them. There are a few image tool that I use regularly as they are easy and useful. The link cloaker is nice too. I like the case studies as you can learn from other peoples experiences and money. There a a bunch more but not I haven't got to them yet.

    What i like is it's a medium sized forum with a private area so you can put stuff out for limited review. There is some cross selling but a lot less then other places. There is not a lot of guru stuff going on, some as always but not a lot.

    I have got accepted to a couple of networks I would not of otherwise. And there is some dropping new offers so you might get a jump on others.

    I looked at a lot of paid forums most are 50-100/mo so a one time fee of 97 is not a big deal in the long run. If I keep the trash talk to minimum.

    In summary if your looking for a magic cpa ticket to riches there is no such thing here or anywhere. But if you want to rub elbow with successful guys there are some here. "If you want to get rich with cpa then hang out with rich cpa people" but no magic tickets. There is more "you have to put in the work" then "buy my product to get rich". You sound like you've been around not sure you'll learn a bunch but you will get value but only you know how much.

    A big upgrade is coming very soon, as is a price jump. So now is a good time I have a timer in my sig. I just made it yesterday so I'm not the village promoter.
  5. fnoperi

    fnoperi Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Keblack, welcome to the forum

    I would read the Newbie guide if i were you. Great place here to work in your CPA journey, whatever traffic source you want to master, and start making money. Your gonna have to put in the work for it :D

    If you feel comfortable here, don't want to get distracted with a lot of WSOs. And not jump around for the shiny object, then this is the place for you :)

    Be aware, i heard the price would increase around mid September, but would bring more value, and tools.

    Yes, in my opinion, The Dojo is definitely worth it :) I think you would not regret it, Especially for the one time fee, i seen other private forums charge monthly.