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NEW: Affiliate Program 65% Commissions


affiliate today announces their brand new affiliate program. The program is managed by and pays 65% commissions.

Tired of promoting those same old p2p download sites with high refunds? Step up to a brand new niche. Show billions of users how to copy their videos from YouTube to their computer or CD-R/DVD-R.

This web-based program is 100% legal and does not violate any copyright issues.

We look forward to having you as our affiliate.

Linda Buquet

"p2p download sites" :mad:

Warning to affiliates, many file sharing sites spread adware and spyware that hurts our entire industry. I'm not accusing this company of doing it, just warning you to do your due diliegence before joining ANY affiliate program that offers any type of downloads.

After a quick peak I didnt see anything that says "no spyware". Also when you click to the support link it goes to another site - which also has a different affiliate program from a different company with different payouts so this could be a sub affiliate offering a 2nd tier affiliate program, not sure

NOT MAKING ACCUSATIONS - just sharing what I found on a quick scan to prove the point that affiliates need to research and do their due diligence.