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New to this, advice please!


Hi, my name is Louise and I'm new around here! ;)

I am new to all of this, so am needing some good advice if possible. I have been asked through someone I know, to become an affiliate for someone's new site. He is selling replica watches. Real good looking things, how does a Rolex sound to you for $299!? Well, kind of a Rolex!

Anyway, so I am really new to this and wanted some hints as to the best place to start off. This is really just me playing around to start with and hopefully earning a little money every month to add to savings.

I was hoping to start this off without spending any money on this, and we'll see how it goes!

So, where is a good place to start!?

I have so far collected a list of replica/watch forums, which I could do some postings in, perhaps acting as a customer that bought a watch from the website. I doubt it will bring much though.

I do have basic web building skills, so perhaps I could so something there, but I am unsure of the kind of site I could build.

Also, should I bother with this at all!? Maybe I should go for something with a bigger market, like online casinos or something? Honesty is the best policy please!

As you see, I am VERY new to this, and really want to learn, but you have to start somewhere don't you!?

Any advice is REALLY appreciated.

Thanks all for your time.



Hey Louise,

I'm a bit unsure as to your situation. Are you saying that you don't have a site yet and are trying to do affiliate marketing for your friend by dropping links in forums or that you are looking for ways to augment your current site's affiliate income?

There's nothing wrong with niche markets, quite the opposite in fact. If you can build a site that has a lot of good information on the topic at hand and get enough traffic then you can post links for your friend's site, and various other ads of the same genre to generate leads and sales. People already interested in finding the information and products you describe are more likely to purchase them from your ads anyway.

I'm going to reccommend that you avoid trying to sell in forums, as you're likely to get blocked and generate bad pr for your friend's site. Many forums, like this one, have a policy against putting affiliate links in posts, and even if you just try to sell people on the idea and have them go to your site and then be redirected to your friends page, many people are turned off by sales pitch type posts. In the end you are likely to generate less traffic by trying to insert links in forums and blogs anyway.

Take a look around this forum, you'll find several helpful ideas on how to market with your site, cloak affliliate links, and find a network that works for you if you want to go that route, but like I said, you're going to need a site first. Good luck!


I'm going to reccommend that you avoid trying to sell in forums, as you're likely to get blocked and generate bad pr for your friend's site.

I have to 2nd that sentiment -- you don't want to start off that way. I would try to get a web site going -- or some say Blogs are the way to go although I'm still learning in that arena myself. :rolleyes:

If you have a web site you can put up pictures and descriptions and then place a sig tag in all your e-mails and such.

Otherwise I was a little unclear myself as to just what you're looking to do, but we have to start somewhere, right! ;)




If your looking for a place to sell watches Id recommend ebay and craigslist... You can sell everything and anything on there 2 sites, and they receive tons of traffic.

If you'd like you can also start a niche site for this.. you can do a little research, sign up for a few affiliate programs that would fit your niche and place them on your site!

Good Luck and I hope this helps!


Best Advice

The best way is not to try an second guess what will work and what wont

There really is no way to be sure what will work and what wont

What makes an affiliate programs work is different for different people - it is partly down to your style and where you are going to advertise

My advice is test different programs unless you find something that delivers sales for you

The internet is one of those places, that sometimes it can be surprising, what actually works for you


It looks like you have lots of things in mind. I suggest you focus on one market or audience or product category at first. You might want to start with small site and then build something higher from there :)