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New Starving Affiliate Marketer (MONEYSLIPPERS)


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I am a new starving affiliate marketer, and to sum it all up, I promote three products, that teach you how to make money, and I sold 5 of them so far, ive been doing it for about 2 weeks now, but allof a sudden it stopped selling, I had 74 clicks from google adwords with no sales!!!!!! My question is: is this how affiliate marketing is, you know some days sales will be slow then other days you will get multiple sales?

my website is

Linda Buquet

Hi Dwight,

Welcome to 5 Star. Alas you are making all the common mistakes many new affiliate marketers make.

1) You are targeting one of the most dot-eat-dog competitive markets there is.
Other webmasters and Internet marketers.

2) You are lying on your page right at the top when you say "How do I make an extra $12,455 a month online?" People don't believe that stuff and this is why.

3) Yes with affiliate marketing like any type of business sales can go up and down and stats fluctuate. Also a campaign can go soft after it gets a certain amount of exposure. HOWEVER in the market you are targeting it's extremely hard. How many different ways can you write "Get rich Quick in Your Underwear?" How many other top marketers are highly skilled and competing with you.

And last of all how many Internet marketing ebooks are out there all trying to take $$ from noobs???

Oh and another thing. Many of these products are ClickBank products. It's super easy for other affiliates to steal your sales on CB and it happens a lot.

Sorry if I sounded negative I was not trying to burst your bubble, but to wake you up. I hate that so many newbie marketers get sucked into the same trap you did. I want you to make some REAL money and not chase a pipe dream.

Start with this thread:

Learn a little more about site building, SEO and good landing page design. Then find a niche with REAL products that are in demand but not too competitive. You won't make a killing overnight but its the best way to get started IMHO.