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NEW PPC Affiliate Program - Brokers Web

Linda Buquet

Many affiliates feel that they should be compensated for driving new traffic to a merchant even if no one buys or fills out a lead form. Well with this new affiliate program, you can get paid for every click AND potentially generate <strong>up to 88% more revenue than standard pay-per-lead affiliate programs.</strong> <a target="_new" href="">See comparison</a>...

I'm proud to announce the launch of <a target="_new" href="">Brokers Web</a>, our newest 5 Star Affiliate Program.

<center><a target="_new" href=""><img src="" alt="Brokers Web" /></a></center>
If your site gets TARGETED traffic - interested in Health Insurance, <strong>you could make an average of around $4 PER CLICK - WOWSER! We're not talking Adsense nickels here folks!</strong>
Again that's PER CLICK, regardless of whether they fill out a lead form.

The Brokers Web affiliate program is for health insurance - all types - Individual, group, short term, medicare, student health insurance and dental insurance. Due to the fact that this program is PPC you need to have a site that is highly targeted and you need to pass the review process. When you get to the sign up form you'll see a list of the type of sites they will consider.
<strong>A Few BrokersWeb Affiliate Program Highlights</strong>
See the <a target="_new" href="">5 Star Review</a> for complete program details.

.:. 65% commission from generated CLICK revenue
.:. Refer an Advertiser - Earn 10% residual of the advertiser?s spend (ongoing monthly)
.:. Refer an Affiliate - Earn 5% of the affiliate?s advertising revenue (for the life of the account)
.:. 365 day cookies for Referral Program
I've been working with Brokers Web for a couple months as they readied the program for launch. *Note: They've been around since 2004 and are a leading, well known name in insurance cirles, it's only the affiliate program that's new.

One of the things I felt was important for this program was to have a NETWORK option for affiliates that prefer it. So we offer both - an In-house program and a LinkConnector program.

<strong>There are some differences in payouts and the NETWORK option is only available through 5 Star, you won't find the LinkConnector info on their site. So go to the <a target="_new" href="">5 Star Review</a> to compare options and get all the details.

Feel free to discuss the Brokers Web affiliate program and ask questions here
and as always, left me know if there is anything I can do to help you. </strong>

Brokers Web

Hi all,

Thanks Linda for introducing our program to your members.

BrokersWeb wants you to share in the advertising wealth with us!
As a Health Insurance Pay Per Click Directory, our high quality traffic
has established a loyal advertiser base which spends $3 - $10 a CLICK.
Your Health Insurance traffic will earn you 65% of the revenue of the
CLICKS that your traffic generates to our advertisers? listings

With high conversion rates averaging well over 100% and a 65% affiliate payout ?
our program offers a lucrative revenue generating stream for those with targeted traffic.

Our technical department is here to assist you with your needs ?
offering flexibility and customization to fit your strategy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,


Very cool. I like the pay structure and I know I have a handful of sites in my portfolio that may do well this offer. Thanks for keeping us posted Linda and WELCOME Brokers Web!


hi to all, i'm fairly new to affiliate programs and i'm very interested.

i got a question:

Since this program also pays pay-per-click, should the traffic be geo-targeted? I mean should the traffic be specifically from the USA, UK, etc.? What's the basis for the CPC price?

ex. USA traffic: $2/click
UK traffic: $1.80/click
Canada traffic: $1.50/click

hope somebody can explain or clarify. :)

thanks so much.

Linda Buquet

I have a feeling it may be only US based health plan providers. At least at the health quote site at: I only see a drop down box to get quotes by zip - not option for quotes by country. I will ask Todd the affiliate manager and get an official answer for you though.

Linda Buquet

Hi Alex,

Todd got back to me with an answer and it's what I thought. HOWEVER there is an important distinction with the way this program works that I think you may have misunderstood.

Todd just emailed me saying: That is correct. Our health insurance products solely target the U.S. consumer. We will not accept domain names at the have foreign domain extensions, or target consumers outside of the U.S. The amount paid by our advertisers, based on product type and state, is the basis for the CPC price.

So one part I want to clarify based on your post - is it's not a set $1 or $2 or any specific amount per click. You earn a % of whatever the clicked advertiser pays BrokersWeb. BrokersWeb negotiates the best deal they can with each advertiser but the amount per click varies by advertiser, product type and location of the request. If you talk to your account rep they may be able to tell you which locations and products tend to generate higher revenue.

But back to your main question, they only represent US advertisers, so yes you should geo-target your ads if possible.


oh i see, thanks for the info! *i'll stick with tumri for now*

but i have a feeling i'll really be with tumri for a long time. :)

thanks once again Linda!