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New Major Facebook Ad Platform Launching at Adtech?

Linda Buquet

Facebook will be making a major advertising related announcement in New York at AdTech. According to reports, they have invited some of their top advertisers including Apple, CBS, Chase, Coca-Cola, Conde Nast, General Motors, Nike, Sony and Verizon to a meeting on November 6.

A flurry of rumors ahead of the announcement suggest the new ad platform could possibly be a rival to Adsense and may even provide contextual ad targeting on sites other than Facebook, using the demographic data offered up in personal profiles.

Some media outlets speculate the new ad platform will be called SocialAds.

<a href="">According to AdAge</a> "On Sept. 24, Facebook trademarked the term SocialAds, described as "advertising and information distribution services, namely, providing advertising space via the global computer network [and] promoting the goods and services of others over the internet."

I just researched the domain Since the domain is for sale and Facebook has not snapped it up, I wonder... Now that Microsoft has staked it's claim on Facebook, maybe the name will have an MSN flavor to it? ;-)

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