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Hello from Bulgaria!I want to start working in affiliate program,but I've heard that there are so many not real programs!My question is where I can find REAL and TRUE programs to start affiliating for them?


Affiliate Programs

Hi. First you need to find a niche.. There are affiliate programs for pretty much anything. Then you need to research the web..see which ones have the best pay outs and will actually work for you! Signing up is a pretty easy process.

There is so many out there... best thing to do is surf the net, you should get a pretty good feel as to which ones are real and not fakes.

Good Luck!


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supergo6o, there are a lot of very good affiliate programs out there. But you need to be able to find the ones that will work for you.

Since you said you are new, the first thing you need to do is try to get an understanding of affiliate marketing. You need to learn something about it so you will be able to do more of the right things and not do too many wrong things. Our Newbie Affiliate Forum is a good place for that. Here is a link to that forum

There is a lot involved in selecting a niche for yourself. It helps to know something about it. Our Niche Marketing Forum can help you learn a lot about niche marketing. Here is a link to that forum

You should read as much as you can in those two forums, starting with the Newbie Affiliate Forum.

You can ask questions whenever you have any and our helpful members can answer them. You will receive answers with no attempts at trying to sell you anything since we don't allow that.

One thing you need to remember is that it takes time and work. Often people who are new to this have seen things that promise them that they can get rich quick. Don't pay any attention to that and try not to get involved in trying to promote any of the get rich quick stuff.


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Thank you for your replies,you are so nice!I've read many things about affiliate,but I can't still choose my niche!I've read that it is important to find thing which many people are searching for and there is no big competition?Is there a website or software which can help me to choose my niche?


Finding a Niche

You should brainstorm and try to find a niche in something you are interested in and / or know lots about. If you go for something you are passionate about it will be a little easier for you to create content and you will really be into it.

Then, It's best if you do some keyword research to see what the actual demand for such niche is.. You want to focus on something that is in high demand or lots of people are interested in.

A great free way to keyword research is through Google Keyword Research tool:

There is plenty more ways to research keywords.. I just like this one because its accurate, and well.. It's Google!

You would hate to start running with a Niche and the come to find out there is not a demand or interest for it.

Hope this helps guide you in the right direction :)

Linda Buquet

All the 5 Star Affiliate Programs on the top of the right sidebar are "real"
and they are all high integrity, high commission and pay on time.

However as others have suggested you 1st need to research and figure out what niche you want to pursue - THEN find the right affiliate program or programs. If you stay more in the realm of retail products and bonafide affiliate programs you'll be better off. Where you find lots of programs that arent "real" or are scams is in the ebook, get rich quick, MLM and business opportunity sectors. (not that they are all bad, they just tend to have more flaky programs.)