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Thank you Linda for your quick response to my question about help and support.I would like to get started promoting my affiliate's links and adds through my own web site. Never having a site yet of my own, I would appreciate any help in getting started to create and build one. All suggestions Please!

Linda Buquet

Hi Barb,

I expanded the title of your thread a little. Your question is so general and there are a million ways to get started. So here are some questions back to you so we can give better answers.

If you don't have a site yet, how have you been marketing now?

Do you have a budget or any money at all to buy a domain and pay for hosting? Or do you need a totally free solution?

Do you know anything about web design?

What types of products do you want to promote or what subjects are you interested in? It helps if you pick an area that you have knowledge or interest in because it then you can stay more motivated to create content even in the early days before any money starts coming in.