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I have been a successful internet marketer for the past two years. My main focus of activity has been in the Health and fitness niche and programming and IT niche covering a variety of products and offers from diet plans and bodybuilding contest preparation products to general fat loss and overall health and fitness items and supplements. My IT and programming activities consists of offline networking in the form of seminars and group workshops. I am a senior solution analyst with 15 years of programming experience with high visibility position in one the most well-known companies in Canada. I am also a life time natural bodybuilding competitor with 20 years of experience in health and fitness and nutrition area. My qualifications makes gives me very high social approval and my clients trust and follow my recommendations whole heartedly.
My lead generation strategies for my programming and IT niche (including free software, Plugins and word press related products and financial software) are focused on off and online programming and software communities. As for Health and fitness niche, I use various methods of lead generations from off line seminars , competition attendance, health and fitness expo attendance , to online leads via my bodybuilding and fitness blog at to a very popular Facebook page with 10,000 plus page likes called "I Love Bodybuilding". I have also been active with other online marketing methods such as solo ads and google campaigns.


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