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New ENHANCED Version of Kowabunga MyAp Software

Linda Buquet

From the 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Blog

"I do numerous free consultations a month for merchants that want to start new affiliate programs. I recommend what I think is the best tracking solution for their needs and also refer them to the outsourced affiliate management company that is the best fit for their specific situation.

Kowabunga, a couple years ago, was one of my top recommendations. Lately however when merchants ask about MyAp, Kolimbo or Kowabunga I say something like "you know, I'm not quite sure they are still major players - they've been quiet for so long I think they may be asleep or focusing elsewhere." Well it looks like they just woke up. Actually they were never asleep, just quietly working on some new solutions.

(Sorry guys, I live in the blogosphere now and if you are out of sight, you're out of mind.) :p

Jeff Doak just blogged some interesting observations about the industry and shares how the brand new version of MyAp addresses some of these issues."

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