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new beginning

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by invincible, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. invincible

    invincible Affiliate affiliate

    i got plan but my problem is and many newbies is struggling in online business because the cost of clicks?
    which is the best traffic source should i focus on at first ?cuz there is many traffic sources ex ;on ppc ,social media ,ppv ,mobile etc..
    what basic technical requirement
    what the best forum related to this niche ?
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  2. terraleads
  3. sleenirvana

    sleenirvana Affiliate affiliate

    First step is to learn everything you can about aff. How it works and tracking. Then join a network. Your AM will be your best friend. They live on a commission, so they want you to succeed. So you can basically ask them anything. They can actually recommend you good offers to start and traffic source. Set a budget everyday and also ask your AM which offer you can promote with that daily budget.
  4. cpafixman

    cpafixman Affiliate affiliate

    My advice would be to start at 7search. get to know how to track campaigns properly, choosing good offers, mastering keyword research. setting budgets and sticking to them.

    Your costs will be low on 7search which is perfect whilst your are learning things. And most likely you will make mistakes but that's part of the learning curve.

    I myself am just starting to learn how to track and optimize. if you look at my threads alot of my questions where on the subject of how to track using voluum. I'm currently running email submits and direct linking, which is the easiest way to start. Once i get some profitable campaigns in my pocket i will start experimenting with landing pages and eventually getting into google adwords, facebook and bing which is where all the money lies.

    If you are looking for a Forum just for PPC i would recommend ppc-coach.com. They are laser targeted at pay per click traffic. they charge a monthly fee of $50 but have amazing content

    I was a memeber myself about a year ago. I left becasue i had no job and was studying at the same time. Plus i was alot lazier back then and did not want to put in the effort to make this work. If you have the money then i reccomend you go there.

    Affiliatefix is however in my opinion the best free forum out there and the dojo is only a one time payment. I've learned alot since i have started to apply myself, which was only a month ago. I joined this site last year when it was cpafix but was lazy so never started anything lol.

    The moral of this story is: DON'T BE LAZY and start taking ACTION.

    Heck i'm losing money right now on my campaigns but, i'm buzzing becasue i figured out how to track my campaigns in these last few days. My next step is to create landing pages and track them.

    Good luck to every newbie out there :D
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  5. sleenirvana

    sleenirvana Affiliate affiliate

    There are alot of money to be made in this industry, since its a relatively new industry. You gotta have a mindset of losing money on every campaign you launch. Everyday you launch a campaign you should be aiming to lose less, rather then earning money. If you think like that you will eventually hit a life changing campaign. The leverage in aff is crazy. U can lose 10k when you start out and hit a campaign that makes you 10k a day. So keep launching and just think of money as a score. Your -50 right now, but you can still level up to +100 if you put effort into it.
  6. sleenirvana

    sleenirvana Affiliate affiliate

    I set a goal for myself. If i lose a certain amount of money a day, i will punish myself by doing 100 pushups a day. i end up doing 140 pushups everyday for the last week LOL. Treat yourself like your own employee. Always remember mentality is the most important.

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