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New Baby After 4 Days of Labor

Linda Buquet

Well after 4 days of labor my new Grandson finally arrived.

He was due Jan 4th, my daughter in law was put in the hospital on Tues. They induced labor, induced again and again, then broke her water. He was stubborn and stayed stuck for over 4 days and just refused to come out.

He finally was born early this AM, they had to do a C-section.
He's big, beautiful and healthy. 8.9 Lbs and 22 inches.
Mom is doing well too.

Anyway just wanted to give those of you that knew and were curious an update. We leave the 25th for a week, to go to Portland to meet him and help Mom out. I'm flying my daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter out with me so it will be a family affair.

The 4 of us are considering moving up there, so it will also be a chance for us to check out the area to see if that's where we want to move. We are moving somewhere, just not sure that's where it will be til we check it out.

I'll be checking in here at least once a day while I'm gone and Larry and the moderators will all be here to help out while I'm away too.

Ohhhhh he's so cute! Can't wait to pinch those little cheeks!


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That is really great news, Linda. I know you have been excited with the anticipation of the birth. I'm sure you can hardly wait to actually see him.

We will try to keep things going smoothly while you enjoy some quality family time.

Larwee (Larry)


New Member
Congratulations Linda, that's wonderful news! Hope you have a wonderful time in Portland with your family and its newest member. :D