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New Affiliate Program $1 per lead, no sales required



I run a get paid to complete offers program at We are currently seeking partnerships with fellow program owners and webmasters through our affiliate program. We offer $1 for every active signup that you send to our website. An active signup is defined as a person who comes and completes at least one offer. Many of our offers are very simple to complete (takes 10 seconds). This is how we judge the genuineness of the referral. We have been running this program with and and both have been pleased with their results. Recently over a dozen new programs have joined our program as well.

There are lots of ways to advertise our site. The simplest of which is to put our banner up. If you run a make money online website, our banner is very well suited to your target audience. If you are running a PTR (or even if you aren?t), send an email out to your members (we can help you write it). Ibux is even incentivizing our program by paying 50 cents to each of its members that becomes an active signup. We welcome any other options which involve spreading the word about our site to your members.

If our affiliate program does not interest you, we are also looking for qualified websites to exchange banners with. We look forward to working with you and developing a strong partnership. You can contact me in any of the following ways.

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AOL IM: earnsurveydan

Yahoo IM: earnsurveydan

MSN Messenger:


Thanks for your time and consideration. Have a great day.


TreasureTrooper Admin
Get paid to complete offers.


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Lead generations rock don't they!

I promote goZing who is also $1 per lead and boy does it add up! It gives the Affiliates action even if the pay-out is small. Other good merchants too are FREE TRIAL and sample merchants.

Good luck :)


Hey Linda!

Wow, thanks for the welcome mat. I have been discouraged at other forums where moderators scream spam when I post relevant offers like this one. I look at it as more of a tool and an opportunity than spam and its good to meet a forum admin who thinks similarly! Thank you also for your kind words about my program. Have a great day.

- Treasure