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Need to know something about my services

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by outseller, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. outseller

    outseller Affiliate affiliate

    Hello every one,
    I have a question in my mind that I am offering logo design services at $50 USD which includes
    Free stationary items, unlimited unique concepts and revisions, vector based logo and also A live logo design services if customer is not satisfied with the provided concept (Motto is to fulfill clients requirements or return client's money back)
    I am using WHMCS for taking order. My business is running good but i want some more clients but i dont have much time to promote my website so I joined this website to gain some affiliates who can promote my services and they can earn from my services also.
    Now the questions are
    1. Currently I am offering 10% = $5 per sale to affiliates (Is this good or should I increase the it to 20% )
    2. I am using WHMCS and affiliate system is also included in this package which records and track every thing (WHMCS is good or should i use any other software).
    3. What methods are best to encourage affiliates so that i can gain more affiliates.
    4. I am willing to pay on daily basis to my affiliates with no minimum payout terms (is this good also or not)

    Waiting to hear back from you people
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  2. terraleads
  3. akaaka

    akaaka Affiliate affiliate

    try to use Seo Or Email Marketing For your work ;) Simple as that...
  4. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As mentioned above, SEO and Email marketing can definitely help get some exposure. You could also try social networks or even various online marketplaces to get your campaign out in the world, there are probably people you can hire to help with this.

    I think 10% is a great minimum, any more would depend on how much you really want to share. Maybe try 15% to get people excited?

    At this point, how are you doing since the time that you posted the thread? Hope all is well!
  5. outseller

    outseller Affiliate affiliate

    Yes I updated the commission from 10% to 15% and also submitted my affiliate program 4 days ago in your directory but still its in under review don't know why.
    I am doing SEO and email marketing

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