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Need opinion about a new audience profiling startup

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by petya, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. petya

    petya Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, everyone! My name is Petya and I've been in the marketing field for almost 3 years now. I'm a big fan of inbound methods and I love writing which helps with blogging (big time). :)

    I'm currently the marketing manager of a startup named Adtailor and I'm looking for your invaluable opinion! We're offering a SaaS solution which profiles online visitors on your website in real time and shows them content that is relevant to their interests. There are more than 30 characteristics you can work with: age, ethnicity, financial status, health profile, education and much more. You can tailor all types of content with Adtailor: landing pages, images, prices, ads, banners, whatever you can think of.

    By using just 2 characteristics, we've noticed that our clients get an average of a 9% bump in conversions and a 12% increase in engagement. I'd very much appreciate it if you check out our website Adtailor.com and give me your opinion. We're still in the beginning and we welcome all of your feedback.

    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. terraleads
  3. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    I saw your website everything is looking good. For your marketing movement, you have already joined the biggest affiliate forum, and you should join others forums and community too. You better share coupon code or discount offer to those community users and should share the case study and other valuable info about your network.
  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the share buddy. I am happy that you are doing fine. I also do blogging at times, something I must say that I do it out of passion. I love just having a look at the work people have done so that I can be able to give my own comment on the same. Consider that I will be doing the review of the site and then make a post or even dm you on the same. Otherwise keep doing the good work.
  5. petya

    petya Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you a lot! Yep, we're thinking of creating promo codes for a discount for affiliates. Once we have feedback from clients, we want to make case studies as well. Thank you for your suggestions, much appreciated!
  6. petya

    petya Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks, mate! Your review will be highly appreciated! We really need all the feedback we can get - not only on the website, but also on the product itself and its features. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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