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Need blogging tool

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by King Conga, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. King Conga

    King Conga Affiliate affiliate

    Starting OVer

    I am SOO frustrated with Freewebs.com's service, or lack thereof that I'm having to start my search all over for a Freebie site hoster that has good templates and blogging features. I know you're saying "Wouldn't we all!"

    Linda, I know how patient and kind you were to help me in that search, along with everyone else; but Blogger was just too unwieldy as was FreePress. I was even thinking that since the Linux community is always coming up with great Windows alternatives (that work in Win) if I could find a full-featured blogging tool that I could work in, then just cut/paste into my Freewebs blog that'd be GREAT! That way I could keep my site location, and not have to worry about their lack of support.

    So, ANYONE know of a really good FREE blogging tool that would work as I'm describing. Oh! BTW, I looked and wanted to get Windows Live blogger cuz it did look so WYSIWYG, but it requires XP, and I'm still on Win2k.

    Anything, HELP! :eek: ,
  2. newbidder
  3. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    Hi KC,
    I know there are a ton of blogging tools out there - some free, some not free. I'm biased towards WordPress because it's one of the best blogging tools available for free, in my opinion. What was unwieldy about it?

    If you're looking for a hosted blog solution, there are the following:
    • TypePad - Commercial. You will have yoursite.typepad.com, but they do offer domain mapping on some of their top tier plans.
    • WordPress.com - Free. A hosted version of the stand alone WordPress software, you can upgrade in order to have domain mapping.
    • Blogger - Free. Doesn't have nearly as many features as the others mentioned, though the new version does have domain mapping, if I'm not mistaken. You've already mentioned that you didn't like Blogger.
    • LiveJournal - Owned by SixApart (TypePad & Movable Type). Free and Commercial, but wouldn't recommend for professional purposes.
    • Square Space - Commercial. I haven't used their service, but I've heard great things about them. Check out their features for a complete overview.

    Stand alone blogging software
    • WordPress - Free. In my opinion, one of the best because of its community and flexibility.
    • Expression Engine - Commercial (their core is free, but not for the faint of heart). I've only used pMachine, but can tell that it's pretty good software. Some users swear by it.
    • Movable Type - Commercial (free personal license available). I personally am not a fan, but it tends to be where the big businesses lean when they want a blog. Build with Perl instead of PHP.

    If you're looking for a desktop blog editor, which is what Windows Live Writer is, then I'd suggest looking at alternatives like BlogJet, BlogDesk, Zoundry or w.Bloggar.

    There are plenty of others, you need only do a Google search to find some.

    ~ Teli
  4. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, great post Teli!

    Let me add to the Moveable Type info for you ... it's built on a PERL platform and very nasty to work with in terms of tweaking things. Probably so nasty, even SixApart chose to build the newer part of that app in PHP. So, it's a combo of both platforms ... making it even more nasty to work with for most webmasters.

    It's not a fun install even for a seasoned websmaster, but once installed it's a solid solution.

    Between WP and MT, I would have to get behind the WP for it's total flexiblity ... and in my word that means tweakability ... and easy of install and use.

    I had MT installed for the Affiliate Guild's blog and ripped it out to be replaced with WP. I was just so limited by MT and coding it was a real ... um, not nice thing.

    Someone who's very new to server admin, database creation and installing apps on (unix) servers, should go with WP handsdown.
  5. Teli

    Teli Affiliate affiliate

    I didn't know that last bit, Bobbie. It does sound like a nightmare for webmasters who like to tinker.

    My first (and only, really) brush with MT was back in late 2003. I got as far as installing it and when I tried to actually design and code a template I nearly pulled my hair out. It sat for about another 4 months until the heavens opened up and sent me WordPress. When I downloaded it and started playing with the template, it made perfect sense to me and the rest was history...

    Funny, but true story: one of my clients actually called me out of the blue to thank me for installing WordPress for him. He was guest blogging at another site and it had Movable Type installed and after using the system for a couple weeks, he was ready to get back to his own blog.

    ~ Teli

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